Saturday, October 8, 2011

Submissions rolling in...

Wow! Can I just say that this is freaking exciting??? Applications are coming in, we're compiling them and can't wait to get started!

Keep 'em coming, folks! This is going to be AMAZING!!!!


  1. I'm ready to let the real me shine through again!

  2. Lori - HELP! I can't find a submission from you! would it be under another name?

  3. I finished my sprint Tri this morning and don't have my time because I forgot to start my watch until half way through the swim!! I just kept thinking next year could be so much better after 12 weeks with Chelle and Tabitha!
    Still proud I finished despite little training, and 70% clean eating. I know I could be so much more!
    Thanks for always inspiring us to keep pushing out of our comfort zone!

  4. Is it the 15th yet??? It must be the 15th! I had my cheat weekend (1st & last one for months!And I really wasn't too bad, little ice cream, little regular pasta, oh yeah and I had a couple donuts... hmmmm) and this week I'm hitting it hard. It's all systems go. I know if I have to get killed by Chelle & Tab I gotta be ready! ;) Here we gooooooooo........
    --Carlene Hetland

  5. LOL!!!
    Hey Lori - I think I found your submission... your last name has 4 letters, yes?