Monday, October 17, 2011

Time's Up!

The week of submission entries went by so fast! All entries are received and logged. In fact... I had bought a binder just for applications, but midweek, had to move to a larger one - and that one is FULL! Your response to the study stunned us and we're both humbled by and proud of the faith you've displayed in us. Tabitha and I incredibly excited to dig into your applications and move forward.

We'll be having our first of several meetings tonight after Tab's Total Body Conditioning Class (which I'm kinda sort of scared of after a week of no exercise, but don't tell her!! LOL!) I bribed her with my clean pizza, so the meeting is at my house :-)  Guess I better clear off the dining room table/my temporary office!

My weekend was full - and fun. I found my halloween costume and it was fun to make Bill's eyes bug out  when I tried it on for him. When I was heavy, I used to think that once I lost the weight (if I ever lost the weight) I'd be able to just buy stuff right off the rack... so very not true. One outfit can fit drastically different than another - in the same size. It was a little frustrating, but I had Bethany with me to keep me from going out on the ledge. We must have hit 5 different Halloween stores before we found mine. Hers, of course, she found in the first store. Lol.

Sunday food prep was a bit of a disaster. I did all my meal planning, then my grocery shopping mixed in with Halloween Party shopping (HUGE shoutout to the JoAnn's on Indian Bend!). Picked up the "specialty" light bulbs for Shiloh's ceiling fan, only to get home and find out they were the wrong ones. Argh. Bill put away the urgent stuff, while I raced back to Walmart. I returned the wrong ones, then discovered they don't carry the right ones... off to Home Depot, where they carry the right ones but they're freaking $3.32 each! WTH??? Explain to me why a ceiling fan in one room uses a different bulb than a ceiling fan in another - in the same house??? OY! And why can't they all just use standard bulbs?? Riddle me that, Batman!

Anyway, I headed back home, switched the laundry and discovered that I was nearly out of laundry detergent! AAARRRGGGHH! I was NOT going back out, so anyone doing laundry after me was SOL. I'll pick some up today. Then.... I threw in my son's laundry with mine (he conveniently left it at the house after his birthday dinner on friday), but when I pulled everything out of the washer, the ground in filth from his work clothes had not washed away, simply transferred to my clothes. Nice. Now I have to get more detergent. LOL.

Moving on... proteins for this week are roasted pork tenderloin, chicken chorizo & ground beef, Swai (like Tilapia but better). Veggies: asparagus, zucchini, red/yellow peppers (3 for $1 at Sprouts!), plus the usual shredded cabbage, lettuce & spinach. Starchy carbs: new potatoes, red potatoes, sweet potatoes, black beans. Fruit: grapefruit, apples, blueberries. Still had banana's from last week so I'm seeing a batch of banana-doodles in my future. Breakfasts: the usual oatmeal, protein powder, cinnamon and I've got either apples or pumpkin or banana to mix in depending on my mood. This morning, as I did cardio already, I'm opting for banana :-) with my 1 Tbsp NuttZo.

I'm prepping for Halloween (and that costume!) so no dairy over the next two weeks, no evening carb (meaning rice/pasta/etc - veggies galore, though!) and no treats. Yep. My treats are cut off. I did a last hoorah last night after dinner with a Paradise Bakery Chocolate Chip Cookie. LOL! What I can enjoy this week... my protein pudding! It's back on the menu! If I hit all my cardio and workouts, I can also have protein ice cream before bed :-)

Cardio this morning... no one ever accused me of doing things halfway. 20 minute session, I hit the treadmill. With my borrowed iPod in my shirt pocket (thank you, Bethany!) I cranked up the incline and got going. I really meant to keep it steady. I really did! But... I miss running so much, and it's been soooo long... I thought, well, let's just see how it goes... the first interval had the iPod bouncing out of my pocket and I'm fumbling and bumbling trying to catch it. Next one, I secured the iPod in my bra, but my knee protested. Hmph. One more try... did better, found a steady gait and settled in, then Linkin Park blared through my earbuds shocking me into a stumble. Evidently I did not set the song volume equalizer thingamajig on the iPod. Oops. Back to steady. I just kept increasing the incline from there, got in my session and headed home. Better luck next time,  yes? I'll roll out my IT band, ice my knee and be ready for class tonight.

It's Monday, folks! Here we go!!


  1. So excited for the results, I can't stand it!! Although I cannot wait to find out what your costume is!! I'm sure you will rock it!! Have a great day, Chelle!

  2. I'm going to burst! "What happened to Carlene?", they'll ask. "Oh, she was a victim of Spontaneous Self Combustion because she couldn't wait any longer to see if she was going to get to be a victim of Chelle & Tab." Yup, that's what I've got coming. ;)
    --Carlene Hetland

  3. I have been crazy all weekend long...wondering if I am the lucky one!!! When will we know Chelle? lol lol - Kaii528

  4. Looking forward to the results and the possibility of being yours and Tabs VICTIM!! MWAHH HAHA. I have everything crossed....even my eyes LOL.

    Hmm let's see...I am thinking your costume should be something like Wonder Woman :0).

    Have a FANTASTIC DAY!!!!


  5. My curiosity is peaked with the costume talk, if you are cutting out dairy etc it must be a killer, and not much to it! I am guessing your comfort zone has grown with your confidence!
    I am checking all the time to if if I will get a coveted spot as a Chelle and Tab guinea pig...I hope, I hope. I really want to be ready for a half marathon in March! The binder sounds huge, so I am thinking my chances are slim, very sad, I never "win" stuff.
    Anyway could luck with the daunting task of picking victims and we look forward to seeing the costume!
    Hope you have a great day!

  6. Oh, forgot to say the website in progress looks awesome! It is going to be my daily go to place!

  7. I know, Victoria!! I can't wait for the rest of the site to be up and running!! I am going crazy waiting for the results of the contest!! I wonder how many victims...uh, clients, they will be choosing? I hope one of them is me!! As far as the costume goes, if I looked like Chelle, I would have to go with something very sexy!!! I would want to show off everything I would so hard to accomplish!!!