Friday, October 14, 2011

What a Week! Whew!

Made it to Friday! LOL! This week has been incredibly stressful. I felt like this pretty much all week...
But that's all about to change. I'm about to get up and beat the crap out of that evil guy in the funky hat. Here's how my week went...
Up at 5am, drinking coffee w/Bill by 5:30 and planning out our days.
6:00 to 8:00 - working on the new website pages and/or my continuing ed (I have the project from hell on deck right now)
8:00 - pack up my cooler then hit the shower. Leave house by 8:45
9:00 - 5:00 work, work, work
5:15 head home
5:30 begin working on website again. Break for dinner (thank the gods I did Sunday food prep!), then back to work. Check in with kids (Spring Break), catch up with Bill, maybe if we're lucky, catch a bit of DVR shows (Dexter! Woot!).
Most nights I was out by 11pm. Tuesday, I fell asleep as soon as Biggest Loser was over (9pm), last night was midnight.

Know what you didn't see in that roundup for this week? Fitness! I hated it! No cardio, no class, no nothin! I knew going in that it would be like that, but still I did not like it. I also knew going in that it was just going to be this week. PERIOD. 

At work I'm buried. Like so many companies, ours was hit hard by the economy. Unlike so many, our innovative leader kept our doors open, but we whittled down to bare bones. I'm kinda the last man standing. Whereas once I was just websites (building and maintaining), now I am an all around Girl Friday. We used to have whole departments for things like print media, graphics, MLS... now it's just me. Literally. Just me. And we just launched two new communities (signs, sales office displays, brochures, websites, documents, MLS...).  This is all in addition to my regular work. To say that it's been busy is a huge understatement. But that's why I haven't blogged much this week :-(  No time. That's changing too. 

Why are things changing?  Because I'm changing. With so many things to do, important things that need to get done, I let myself get shuffled back down the list, and that stops here. This coming week, I will get my cardio sessions and my workout classes. I'm hoping for a yoga class, too, but I'll be (haha) flexible with that. My project from hell for ISSA gets set aside for a week, and since we're ready for the soft-launch of the new site, I won't be hunkered over my computer porting pages (this week anyway, lol). My poor keyboard needs a break!

Saturday night is the closing of submissions for the Case Study, and from that point on Tab and I deliberate. 
I have to tell you, you guys are making it hard! LOL! Your passion and commitment shout off the pages of your applications, you awe us!  Your response, the number of submissions we're receiving, is amazing, and humbling. We're both incredibly excited!

This week I made the choice to buckle down and get things done, even though it meant sacrificing my gym time. Next week I'm making the choice to put myself back in the equation. While I have no control over my work load at the office, I'm not going to let it drive me nuts outside of the office. And Tab and I have many, many meetings ahead as we determine our victims clients for the Case Study. Next week is going to be awesome! :-)

So what's on deck this weekend? Well, today I'm in the office (this in-office on fridays sucks! That's NOT my  routine, and isn't supposed to be - I'm a 4-day in-office, 1-day on call usually). I will have to take off early to take my daughter for her Driver's Permit test (my baby - wow, I feel old!), then back to the office. Tonight is family dinner - we're celebrating my son's 20th birthday! Saturday is Recipe Development, menu planning for the coming week, and trying my hand at food photography. Sunday is Food Prep day - The Counter of Chaos! Plus the non-fun stuff - laundry & chores.

Here we go. Let's get 'er done!


  1. AHHHHH! Happy weekend! Enjoy the creative stuff and the prep too. Everything we accomplish brings us closer to every goal we have! :)
    -- Carlene Hetland

  2. Wow, you have a bit too much on you plate at the moment! I hope you have a chance to chill a bit this weekend and good for you for making next week about taking care of you and your needs. I could learn a bit from that, as we all could.
    You are a one woman show!

  3. thanks, Chelle,for all your hard work! I'm excited for the new site, and I know it will be amazing. Seeing how you juggle all the parts of your life is really an inspiration to me!

  4. hey... wait a minute! i thought after the competition you were slowing things down! don't burn yourself out sista!!! you are number one to you! don't put anyone else's needs before your own because no one else can take care of you... have a nice weekend Chelle..