Thursday, November 17, 2011

Broke Another Spoon...

Have I mentioned that I like my oatmeal pretty thick? You know that old joke about something being as difficult as sucking oatmeal through a straw? I'm pretty sure that was based on MY oatmeal ;-)
It's so thick that you can (and I have) use it as cookie dough. Tasty :-)  The drawback to this wondrous bowl of yumminess, is that I regularly break spoons. Regularly. It's become so regular, that the sound of the spoon snapping is no longer followed by an expletive, but simply by a sigh. I have to accept it... I am a spoon-snapper.

Moving on, today is a FULL day. 5am came too early and without enough coffee. I worked on food plans for the Study Group, recipes, and then packing my cooler. Today it includes a TON of food. Why? It's that time again... The air is cold, the lines are long, and the wait is endless.....

What am I talking about?? The new Twilight movie midnight premier. I am either a very good mom or an insane person. I'm ok with either. Tonight after work, I am dashing home to load up kids, then heading to the theatre. Where we will sit in line for HOURS. In the cold. It's tradition. Lol.

The good thing is that the theatre is in a big strip mall where there is a ton of stores... across the street is the ginormous Whole Foods, in the parking lot is the Hi-Health and Sports Authority. There are tons of restaurants (not for me, I'm bringing my food), and stores to keep the kids busy on line-breaks. We head in with pillows, blankets and huge bags of stuff... games, books, music players, food & water. One year we were lucky to be in the front group that got moved inside to wait. Every other showing we've been out in the cold. We'll probably get there around 6pm, show is at 12. If tradition holds, I'll be snoozing by 12:15. What can I say? I'm old.  It's going to be a long night.

Anyway, so food for tonight includes chicken breast, raw almonds, pear, sliced pepper, jalapeno bread, greek yogurt and a gallon of water. I'm stocked. My heavy coat is already in the car, a change of clothes, a book, and my laptop & Case Study Tome (HUGE binder, lol). Tab's got my back and has located several WiFi spots for me :-) so I'm good to go.

Let's hope it doesn't rain.

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