Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Coming up for air... briefly...

You know those cartoons where the character is running their legs so fast that they're not actually moving forward? Yeah, it's been like that. Lol. We've begun our initial Skype interviews... starting with an impromptu one last night that caught Tab post-workout and me in my pj's... Lol! We're scheduling, and shuffling, and dashing, and... whew! It's very busy.

With that in mind, I wanted to quickly address something else about the study... I just want the picture to be clear. I still have a full time job. Tabitha still teaches classes. We are, neither one of us, "full-time" Recipe For Fitness™,  though it absolutely is our passion (and our plan is to do this full-time). We are just two people. No clones (their heads keep exploding... back to the lab, dagnabbit). No assistants. No fancy software that does all the work for us. Just Tab and I working hard for and on behalf of you folks.

When I stated that we were buried by applications, I was not exaggerating. We received 90 applications. 90. It still boggles my mind. 90 applications. 2 of us. Again, we wish we could have chosen everyone. In fact, we had only planned to choose 3 for our Case Study. Instead we chose 8. Out of 90.

We hope that those of you who applied, and were not selected, will follow along with the 12-Week Support Program we'll be offering. More on that soon :-)   There are steps we can take each day to move us closer to our goals. We hope we can help you identify some of those steps and eventually reach your goal.  That's our goal.

Ok... time to dive back in... :-)

fyi... the Today's Cooler section of the new site is live.


  1. Ha HA! I love the part about the clones' heads exploding! Can't wait to see what the lucky 8 are up to and hear more about the support program. Hang in there!

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