Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Congrats to Group 1!!!! Wow!!!!

Super-duper Cheers to the ladies of Group 1 in our Case-Study! We did an evaluation last night, and the gals who started on November 14th have already lost a collective...
 17.4 lbs!!! 

Woot!!!! Check out their individual pages to see how each of them did. Every one of the ladies did an amazing job of staying compliant to the exercise and nutrition plans, even when things went awry! Their hard work is showing!! Wooohoo!!!  Tabitha and I are thrilled with their progress and dedication! One of our victims was even subjected to my Happy Dance (hello, Elaine!). Gotta love Skype. :-)

If you'd like to cheer the gals on, visit

So... did I survive the initial contact with the Turkey & the bucket?  Yes. Yes, I did. I was only mildly soaked when the bird slipped out of my hands to plop into the bucket full of brine & ice water. Nothing tipped. Nothing toppled. Nothing traumatized. Sweet. Let's hope this holds through my session this evening when I have to turn that bugger around. By the way, have I mentioned how very heavy a 5 gallon bucket is when it's full of brine, ice water and a 20 lb turkey? Pretty darn heavy. Just sayin'.

Today's food is up HERE.  And some of it, I'll be eating on the road. Shiloh (my 18 yo) and her boyfriend are flying to CA for the Thanksgiving holiday, so we're driving her to the airport. Holiday traffic, holiday airport, holiday standstill. We've allotted plenty of time, we hope. After that, if I can make it back to the office, that's the plan. If not, then it's the store for last minute stuff, then home and turkey-day prep. I'll be baking the caramel apple pie, prepping the mashed potatoes, the stuffing (apple, sage, sausage - yum!), sweet potato casserole (no marshmallows), and working up my courage to flip the flippin' turkey.

And off we go! Woot!!

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  1. WOW!! Great job Group 1! That is awesome! Keep it up!
    --Carlene Hetland