Thursday, November 3, 2011

Crazy Day Ahead!

Woot! I've got an insanely crazy day ahead... insanely crazy, is that redundant? LOL! I'm currently at work, at noon, I'll dash to Tab's for a Skype call with one of our Study Participants, then we're off to deal with business paperwork, then I'll dash back to the office to finish out the day. That's where my planned chaos ends. I have a feeling, though, that there will be much, much more tonight. We are stacked with To-Do lists! Tab came up with some FABULOUS ideas for the 12-Week Support Program (so excited about that!!), and we're working on that, too.

Last night The World's Greatest Trainer and I had several Skype and phone calls with our Participants... if anyone heard crunching in the background - it was me... I was chomping on my Snack2-turned-Dinner... lol! We came straight from class (brutal butt builders, batman!), and I was starving! Today's cooler is up, and I've also tossed in some extra snacks (not pictured) in case Bill or Tab get the munchies while we're running our errands this afternoon. :-)

Have I mentioned lately that I have the World's Greatest Husband? 'Cuz I do. :-) He's been awesome helping us navigate the legalities and abundant red-tape that goes with our new venture. Plus, we've got a whole pack of attorneys to help us wade through, too. One of whom has a unique sense of humor (Steve, I am so glad I gave that form one more look-see before I sent it out!! ROFLMAO!!). Silly lawyers.

I'm tellin ya, folks... this is an adventure!! I'm so excited, so revved! (And after last night's class, SO SORE!!!) When I look back to my fat days when I spent all my time parked on the couch, and compare to now... dashing from one task to another, interacting with so many wonderful folks (YOU!!), building a business with my best friend... I am so damn glad I took the steps to change my life.

That first step was hard. Walking into that gym on January 2nd, 2007 was really hard. But unlike the saying, "The first step is the hardest", that wasn't my experience. It wasn't the first step... sure it was a risk, outside my zone and all that, but the hardest part was each consecutive step. Starting is easy. Following through is the tough part. I'm so glad I did! I'm so glad I still am. Nothing about me is perfect - I'm human. I struggle, stumble, fall, but the victories are getting up again... each day, each step, each bite.

What step(s) are you taking today?  Where are you going? What are your goals?

Happy Thursday!!


  1. So Chele.... I was looking through your Cooler Pics for the past couple weeks and noticed you were no longer eating any snacks after dinner. No more protein ice cream in the evening? This is when I am at my hungriest (or at least that's what my head tell me!) Is this intentional based on your schedule, or are you just trying to cut out snacking at night. Thanks!

  2. Hey Lori!
    My days have gotten so long that I am literally dropping into bed around 9pm, which was my usual Meal 6 time. LOL. I've just been too tired to eat again. Plus, my activity isn't as intense as it was previously, so I'm ok with missing out on the extra calories. Once I up my activity, though, I'm going to have to be sure to get in that last bit of protein at night before bed (casein at night works on the muscles while you sleep). :-)

  3. Tried something new last week and went back for more today-Crossfit. One thing I can say is that I discovered I'm good with my strength, but darn I really lack endurance and perhaps some stamina. Chelle, I have no idea how you are so good with your nutrition?? I find it to be a BIG pain the a** dealing with inputting all the info on any given recipe to get the analysis...any advice on how you do it or is it just a big pain in rear no mater what?

  4. I'm going back to BASICS: doing some basic body building. Figure if my goal is to build muscle and I'm only at 108lbs I can probably lift all the weights I want and not have to worry about losing my girliness for a long time.... right? Can't WAIT til the support program starts!! :)