Monday, November 14, 2011

It was a dark and stormy night...

Ok, actually it wasn't. It was a beautiful weekend, full moon at night, clear skies during the day... but I still managed to have bad food. Not that I ate "bad" food, though I did enjoy some treats, it was that I couldn't cook worth beans! Wus'up with dat?

My folks came for a visit (yay!!!!) and I'd planned this lovely little roast with twice-baked sweet potatoes and salad. Well, I couldn't mess up the salad, it came in a bag! The potatoes... I exploded. Yes. I did. They were pretty much fine on the inside (except for the stuff that 'sploded), so I nuked the rest of my potatoes (wasn't taking any more chances on the oven) and mixed all the "meat" together and made a casserole. That little faux pas I was able to fix. Mostly. The roast, however... shoe leather, anyone? My daughter's boyfriend is even teasing me about it! My parents just smiled and said it was wonderful... sure, for seasoned shoe leather! LOL!


As if that weren't enough to damage my psyche, I found a beautiful london broil at the store Sunday during my shopping... so pretty and on sale! Woot! Until I grilled it. This is what happens when a blonde multi-tasks. Shoe Leather!!! Rats. Oh well, the kids'll probably feed it to the dogs.

The rest of my prep went according to plan. My proteins this week are the ubiquitous chicken breast, then I have big ziplocs full of the meat mix for chili, for stuffed eggplant, for crockpot lasagna. I have my veggies prepped and in their steamer bags: asparagus (on sale!), zucchini, snow peas & grape tomatoes. The rest of my veggies are stocked (mushrooms, salad, spinach, cabbage, cauliflower, peppers, onions). Fruit is my usual: blackberries (88 cents!), blueberries, strawberries for the kids (I never actually manage to get my hands on any, they get gobbled up too fast), pears, apples, bananas and of course - grapefruit! My oatmeal baggies are ready to go. Everything is set. (Though I am still running laundry, oy!).

The weekend was so fun, and way too short! It's been forever since I've seen my parents! Saturday we headed out to Fountain Hills for the big fair, and enjoyed some treat food. While I only had a bite of Bethany's giant corn dog (it had to be 18 inches long!), I did enjoy some chili cheese fries - though we are still wondering exactly why they call that toxic orange drippiness "cheese". Cuz it's not. The chili was good, though :-).  We looked at all kinds of fun stuff - and though my quest for a cool purse was unsuccessful, I did come home with a bag. Kettle Corn!! No, it's not "clean". Yes, it's a treat. I love the stuff! I kept seeing folks wander through the fair with these big bags of kettle corn, but it wasn't until the very end that we found the booth... as they were closing!! NO!!!! They did one last batch, so ours was fresh, but those big bags I was seeing? Not the "large" size. I'm tellin' ya, this "large" was half my height! Crazy! But the kids all love kettle corn, too, so it won't last long. ;-)

We're also starting to get a little organized around here. Several weeks ago (did I mention it was SEVERAL WEEKS AGO?) we bought these book shelf deals... they've sat, in their boxes, in the middle of my family room. Alongside stacks of magazines & journals, cookbooks and whatnot. They screamed, "Please!! Organize us!!" Finally, yesterday, they got put together! Woot! I haven't put my anal-retentive organizational spin on it yet, but there's a floor again in that room!

And... my parents brought me a present! They had this cool workout deal - a home-gym thing. It's got a leg extension, pull-downs, press, all kinds of fun stuff! They're moving soon, and knew I would LOVE it. I do. :-) They hauled it all the way from Sacramento!  Dad, Bill and Joey brought it in and started setting it up. Dad got it all done (no parts leftover! LOL!) and it's good to go! Then he told me - the original owner had put the weight stickers on the plates backwards... so what says 20 lbs is actually 200. Oh yes, it got my devious, twisted mind going. Who would be my victim?

Ariel, of course.

Hours later, she came home and I told her that I wanted her to try it out while I was right there, to make sure her form is right. Sure, no problem, she got into the seat to do the presses, and got this super funny look on her face. She got up, looked at the plates and said,"This has to be backwards! Why is 20 lbs at the bottom?" I explained that it's like the Assisted Pull-up machine at the gym. It's fine, just press. You should be able to do 20 lbs no problem, I just need to make sure you're doing it right before you get on there while I'm at work or something.

She tries again. Nothing. Her face turns red, her body tenses. Nothing. You can see it all over her, "WTF???"  And then I lost it, started laughing - rolling, really, then my parents and Bill start laughing. Ariel walked around for the next several hours muttering, "Not cool, mom. Not cool."  Yes it was. Hehehehe.

This is probably a good example of why all my children are a little warped. :-) I'm ok with that.

Happy Monday!!

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