Tuesday, November 22, 2011

It's Almost Thanksgiving!!

And that means.... Chaos!!!! Yes, chaos is reigning supreme. Between the Case-Study (and our truly AMAZING 8 women), work, family and planning for the big day, I'm buried. Yesterday was an absolute blur as I was up and working on meal plans & recipes early, then on to work, then dashing to the Cheer squad photo shoot, then back to work, then pack it up and head home where I.... worked! lol! Dinner was on the fly, as I threw together a tuna wrap (the leftover lasagna was calling me, but I said NO), then built myself a little station on the couch... printer on the floor, laptop on the couch, 3 binders, 1 notebook, pens, highlighters, phone, iPod, and a tangle of cords that even the dogs steered clear of. It was a fabulous set up until I realized I couldn't get up! Trapped on the couch! Ha! Woops!

This morning I got more work done before readying for the day and heading into the office. I've got ten bazillion things to do (ok, slight exaggeration), plus a few errands, then we have skype calls tonight with Group 1 (I'm so excited!!!!!), then I'm beginning my turkey day prep. Tonight is the slightly scary part... where I begin brining the turkey. Why is this scary? 20 lb turkey, 5 lb bucket, very large brining bag, ice, water, boiling brining solution, 2 dogs... see the scariness now? The REALLY scary part comes tomorrow when I have to flip the bird upside down in the bucket. I'm not gonna lie... I have landed on my a$$ on the floor dripping in brine solution with a raw turkey in my lap. It happens (has happened more than once). I'm hoping it doesn't happen this year. My family doesn't seem to understand that the phrase, "A little help here?" does NOT mean "you are free to continue laughing and pointing. Oh by all means, please do go get your cameras, facebook NEEDS to know about this."  Pft.

So... speaking of the holidays... let's talk food. Specifically, let's talk "treat food". I am a huge proponent of the treat meal, or occasional treats. Our Study gals get a treat meal each week, on their rest day, and for those in the US, Thanksgiving dinner is probably going to be that treat meal for most of them. So how do you enjoy a treat meal without going off track?

First, it's a meal. Not a day. Not a binge. One. Meal. Period. Eat clean just like you do any other day, but enjoy that meal you've been looking forward to. Take your time with it and savor every bite.

Second, plan for it. Think about what you want in that treat meal, what are you "missing", craving, or just plain want? Lay it out, write it down, then stick to it as best you can. I find that when I approach my treat meals this way, I enjoy them more, and keeping them in moderation isn't a struggle. If I'm going to have a treat, I decide ahead of time what it will be, I enjoy every morsel, then I'm ready to get back to my normal routine.

Third, portion size. A treat meal isn't carte blanche to inhale any edible in sight. What it is, is an opportunity to confuse your metabolism (defusing potential plateau's), and a chance to relax a bit from your dietary goals without jeopardizing them. Keep your portions in check. Sure it's a treat meal, but that doesn't mean you can have a whole apple pie to yourself.

The bottom line is that it's entirely in your hands. You have absolute control over holiday food.  Tabitha has a saying, and it became one of my mantras... "How bad do you want it?"  You have a goal to reach. How bad do you want it? Do you want it enough to walk away from the table after you've indulged but before you binge? Do you want it enough to say no to the constant flow of "treats" this season? Do you want it enough to honor yourself by not abusing yourself (who ever felt good after a binge? not me!)  You CAN get through the season on track and undeprived. You CAN get through the season without packing on extra pounds. You CAN get through the season and continue your weight loss or maintenance journey.

Here's to a healthy holiday season (and no turkeys in laps).


  1. Hi Chelle! We brine our turkey as well, only a 14 pounder, but I'm lucky enough to live somewhere that it is usually cold enough to put the turkey and bucket (with a lid of course!) either in the garage or on the back porch so it stays cold enough without freezing. I have put it outside before as well and used bungy cords to keep critters from opening the lid. Most of the sides I make are healthy and everything is from scratch, so I don't feel too guilty when I'm still eating cranberry sauce and turkey for days after Thanksgiving. Have a great one and I am looking forward to when you post the new food/fitness plan for the rest of us to see!