Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Silly Shoulder - I Will BEAT You Into Submission... or get a shot.

Let me begin with... OUCH!!!  Total Body Conditioning class last night was seriously awesome! A killer of a workout! Tab gave the rundown on her blog this morning... 
Recipe for Fitness - Tabitha: Oh, The Monday Aftermath!
and when she says she'll even use the lint on the floor... not a joke, people. She is creative beyond imagining! And fyi, it took over an hour for my stomach to settle enough to eat dinner, lol! 

So, this morning I took my almost 16 year old to the doctor. Again. We suspect gluten-intolerance, but we're running the gamut of tests to see what's up. Until we get the results, we're to keep her gluten-free. While we were there, I bit the bullet and had the Doctor look at my shoulder. Then the lab tech, as he took x-rays. Then the doc again. Good news is that there is NO arthritis in that shoulder (ha)!  The bad news is that I have bursitis. Joy. It's fully inflamed and "acute", so they gave me a steroid/cortisone shot right then and there, and I'm forbidden to lift anything heavier than 20 lbs for two weeks. 

I guess Bill will have to carry my purse. LOL! 

As we talked with the Doctor and P.A., I learned that athletes are very susceptible to bursitis (and yes, I still get a thrill being able to call myself an athlete instead of a fat mom). Turns out, my arthritis further predisposes me to this (as does my heredity). We'll just leave out what they said about the "over 40" part. All I can do at this point is ice it periodically, "rest" it (ha, right), and wait for the cortisone to work. Pfft. I was told to also take ibuprofen/aleve/etc and since I'm not training for a show right now I might start taking Aleve. We'll see. I'm kinda stubborn (big surprise, yes? Shocking, I know.) so knowing that NSAID's damage muscle, I have a hard time accepting that sometimes it's ok to take them. 

A funny side note... we're in the office and the Physician's Assistant is asking tons of questions about my shoulder, my workouts, my movements, etc... and she commented on me being really fit. Bethany pipes up, "My mom is ripped!" and whipped out her phone to show her my show photo [ok, hang on - my daughter has my show pics on her phone???? Surreal.]  The P.A. was stunned, ran out and grabbed the doctor, who was also astonished. As we sat there, throughout our visit, there were knocks on the door and interns, nurses, etc who all wanted to see the pics, LOL!! Take that, "over 40"!!

Today's food is up, and the recent coolers page is also updated. 

Happy Tuesday!!

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