Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Size Matters

Get your mind out of the gutter, I'm talking about apples. LOL!

There's been some talk lately about my daily cooler showing "half an apple"... folks are wondering, what's up with that? HALF an apple?? Well, no, I'm not eating bird-portions. In fact, half an apple is probably, maybe, possibly a bit much. Let me show you...

When I say I'm having half an apple... I mean half of the apple on the left :-) That, my friends, is a gargantuan Honeycrisp Apple, grown in the land of giants Washington state. It is also one of the sweetest, crispest apples I've ever enjoyed :-) Truly! For Halloween, I made mini caramel apple bites... with those giant Honeycrisps and a melon-baller, homemade caramel and twigs. Awesome :-)

Anyway... hope that answers the apple dilemma :-)

Today's food is posted. You can view it on the Today's Cooler page  (and previous coolers here). I'm feeling better - kicking this chest/sinus thing back a bit more each day. I've got Tab's muscle class tonight after work (yay!). Fyi, Bethany is still sore from last friday's Total Body Conditioning Class, LOL!!! :-)

Happy Wednesday!!


  1. Hey Chelle, Honeycrisps are the best! There's a new apple which is part Honeycrisp called Sweet Tango. The crisp and crunch on that apple - amazing. I keep both in the fridge. :D

  2. Honeycrisps are my favorite, too! They had organic ones at Trader Joe's yesterday, which is rare to find. I made homemade caramel as well, dairy free with coconut milk, and it was delicious. Can't wait to see the info on the new website where you and Tab put it all together for us! Have a great day.