Tuesday, November 8, 2011

What's that I smell? Who cares! I can smell!!!

As you can see by my title, the fog is lifting ;-) I'm still stuffy, fuggy and achy, but I get longer and longer moments of relief. Yay!!!

After work last night was TBC (Total Body Conditioning) class. I discovered that inverting my head with a sinus deal was not a good idea, lol. Modify. Awesome class (as always). I love how Tab incorporates so many different things. The hour FLEW by! During one part, we did a 'follow the leader' thing, where we lined up our steps down the center of the room, then did drills in a circuit. Fun, for sure, but at one point, I was about midway in the line, and the drill was these hop-jumps on and off the steps - too much impact for my knees, so I modified, but didn't realize the whole line behind me modified with me. Woops. Shoulda' gone to the end of the line! My bad! Tab pointed out that it was like a bad game of Telephone, lol.

Then we did another thing where you get a partner, each holding onto a handle (both hands) of the same resistance band - arms straight out in front of you, step far enough apart to have tension then in sync, you lunge forward on your outside leg, then twist your upper body (arms still straight) to the outside. So if I'm on the right, my right leg lunges forward and I twist right. Requires you to seriously tighten your core just to stay upright, lol. I love the partner stuff she does :-)

After class we headed to my place where we booted my kids out of the dining room so we could Skype with one of our participants. Then after that, it was a bit more work, then off to bed for me. NyQuil. Blehk. Nasty stuff, but it did the job.

At work today, I'm lining up my tasks and hoping to get it all done. I've lit a candle (Bath & Bodyworks Gingerbread) and every once in a while I get a whiff of it :-)

Food is up on the Today's Cooler page, and the Previous Coolers page is also updated.  Tab and I also uploaded our November playlists, if you're interested in what we're listening to :-)  

Here's to Tuesday!!

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