Monday, November 14, 2011

What's Today???

It's Day 1 of our 12-Week Case-Study / Pilot Group!! The first 4 participants begin their programs today! Woot! It's a fresh new start! Fitness and Nutrition plans were sent out Friday, Prep was done yesterday, and this is Day One. Woohooo!

This week, we'll be putting the final touches on Group Two's plans, doing our skype consultations, then getting their plans out to them on Friday. They'll begin a week from today. At that time, we will also make our Support Plan available, so if you want to "follow along" with a 12-week fitness & nutrition makeover, you can :-)

Tabitha and I are super excited! We've posted some bios and pics (more to come) so you can get to know our participants. You can find them here:  Just click on the participant's name to view their page. We'll update those as we go along, so you can follow their progress. We also encourage you to encourage them. It's hard to make a lifestyle change. And this program, because it's short & sweet, is intense - Total compliance to the food and exercise. They'll appreciate your words of support! You can send us emails ( that we'll share with the participants.

It has begun! Time to take over the world!!
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