Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Eve! Woot!!

It's Christmas Eve!! Yay for holidays! :-) This is the time of year when I let my geekdom reign supreme. I am a geek, and a dweeb, all year long, but for the Yule season? Oh yeah, it's on!

Tabitha and I did some last minute shopping yesterday. We met at Kohls and transformed into the shopping fiends we are. There might have been some scrambling over the sweaters (I saw it first, but it fit her better - dagnabbit!), then we hit the men's dept. I was looking for these awesome pajama pants Tab has - little skulls and crossbones all over the fuzzy pants - totally awesome. Well, they didn't have them, but what did I spy in the back of the department in a display that looked to have been ravaged by manic elves? Ha! MINE!

I flew to the back, grabbed them from the rack and yelled, "LOOK!!!" Tab rushed to my side and grabbed the other set - the only two they had, and we discovered I was holding a Men's medium, she the small. What was this wondrous apparel we'd found? Star Wars fuzzy pajamas, of course!! With huge holiday spirit (and a grimace), Tabitha handed me the small. YAY!!! That, my dear ones, is true friendship! I am now wearing my awesome Darth Vader pj's as I type this post. I may or may not have run around last night breathing, "Luke, I am your father" and "I find your lack of faith disturbing". hehehe.

After Kohls, we headed to the mecca of all shopping - Fashion Square. We had a blast!! Though the crowds were intense, and the lines long, we made it out with our lists fully checked off. On to Target, then dinner with our men, then I drug Bill out to another Target (better selection) and picked up a few last minute gifts, then home to my Vader pj's.  I fell asleep to Gold Rush (Bill loves that show, frankly, they just annoy me, lol), and here I sit this bright shiny Christmas Eve morning sipping my coffee and typing.  I'm about to get dressed and head to the gym - Killer holiday workout in store! Tabitha's Total Body Conditioning is a calorie annihilation fest!

The rest of the day will be wrapping the last of the gifts and preparing for the big poker party tonight :-) Woot!!

How are you spending this holiday?
Merry Christmas!!

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