Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas in Review...

It was a fabulous holiday! My kids were all home, we had a great time, and Bill and I got to prank the kids throughout the "gifts" session. Hahaha!  Ya'll remember the cat-gut story, right? The kids insist that I fed them cat-gut (it was really Miracle Noodles)... this was years and years ago, but they still meow and tell their friends about it. Well... Bill and I wrote our own version of the night-before-Christmas, and it was all about.... you guessed it! Cat-Gut Noodles! I even bought a pack of them, and created my own label. The joke about cats & Mexico is that whenever we've gone to Rocky Point, we've never seen a cat. Ever. Hence the connection with the Miracle Noodles. (No disrespect to the Actual Miracle Noodles, this is just our little family joke).

It was awesome! We wrapped it up all pretty, with the poem attached, made the kids read the poem then open it, and...

They definitely got the joke. It was a riot!!! Then, we had other gag-gifts for them, interspersed with the "real" stuff...

Ariel is known as the "Bread Monster" in our house. 

Bethany LOVES honey sticks ;-)

Joey can't keep his paws out of my Pop Chips, LOL!

Shiloh is under the impression that Spaghetti is what's for dinner every night, LOL!

Even Nakki was wondering what the heck was going on....

It was an absolute blast. Truly so much fun! Plus it made the morning last longer :-)
We then spent the rest of the day playing around in our pajamas (yes, I was wearing my Darth Vader jammies), then enjoyed a relaxed dinner, and a quiet evening.

The day after Christmas, I hit the gym at 9am for Tabitha's Total Body Conditioning Class... OMG. BRUTAL doesn't cover that one. Then I did it again at 5:30pm!! Ha!! Needless to say, my legs are quite perturbed with me today. I am very glad I have a rest day between those two classes and the next one (Wednesday pm).

Today, my cooler page is updated, I'm nearly ready to post my January workout lists, and I'm looking forward to a short week and another long weekend, lol! Woot for the holidays!

How was your holiday?


  1. Awe that sounds like a fantastic Christmas :) We definitely missed you guys.

    Also, I have never had pop chips in my life but I love their advertising. They make you feel like if you had a bag of pop chips you would be cool and all your friends would come over for pajama parties and that is exactly what advertising should do :)

  2. Lol! This is great! Thanks for sharing with me Chelle, and you are so creative! Now I MUST find these noodles... Lol! =)