Sunday, December 18, 2011

A Little Piece of Peace

The days seem to get shorter, the To-Do list longer, and my patience thinner. I'm using the horn on my car more often, I'm a wee bit grumpy, and a lot manic. I just need more hours in the day, I often whine. As the holiday approaches, my usual seasonal routines are missing, as I juggle my full time job, the Case Study, blogging, and my family. Personally, I've been a tad (yes, it's an understatement) upset over my oldest not being here for Christmas this year, as he's moving to California, and that has put a damper on my holiday spirit. For years, the kids alternated holidays with us per the visitation arrangement, so it wasn't that he wouldn't be here, it was that it was going to be our last "family" Christmas. I know they're growing up and away, I'm proud of all my kids, but it's hard to see the nest empty. And then I got my little miracle :-) The job he's been working has been adjusted, and he's here for Christmas! He has to leave the next day back to Houston to finish the job, and then he'll be back to finish packing and move :-(  But he's here for Christmas! All my kids are here! Yay! Happy Mommy!

While I've celebrated this, I've been spastic about trying to get everything done. Friday's are especially busy, as new nutrition & fitness plans go out to our Study participants. This last friday was insane. No. The day was busy, I was insane. Technology was not my friend. I fought with programs, with computers, with anything electronic it seemed, and as the day neared evening, I was becoming more and more frantic. Bill and I were to see a movie that night with Tabitha and her husband, and I wasn't seeing how it could happen... I wasn't done working! At one point, Bill came home and might have gotten his head snapped off. Maybe. He described it later as walking into a buzz saw.

Hmm. Might be I needed to calm a bit, yes? The plans were finally packaged and sent out - and everyone got their own (my own small victory, lol), and then if I moved really, really fast, we could make the movie. I moved fast.

The evening was great. The movie fantastic (Sherlock Holmes), and the company even better. It was the perfect way to unwind.

And then came Saturday. And the whirlwind began again. How the hell am I going to get it all done??? Here's how it went... a.m.: work, work, work. Noon, run out with Bill to christmas shop (remember I said my usual holiday routines are missing? that includes shopping!). We ran from store to store to mall to store. Then he had a meeting, so he dropped me back at home, where I immediately got into my car and Joey dropped me off at the salon to get my (waaay overdue) manicure. Tabitha was able to join me for a pedi (awww girl-time! Yay!), then it was back to the rush. Bill picked me up and off we went to finish the shopping. A few hours later, we hit up the grocery for some cheese, salami and crackers then home to wrap. And wrap. And wrap.

Let me rephrase. I wrapped. Bill watched me wrap. LOL. And as I frantically packaged up gifts, I realized I was doing it again. Focusing on the minute details and missing the big picture. It's Christmas. Where was my joy? I took a break, took a breath, and rebooted my brain. Time to have fun. We picked out our favorite Christmas movies and headed back upstairs to wrap. And had a ball. We had so much fun! Serious fun! It was great! We finished all our tasks at 4:30 am. No, it's not a typo. We didn't have a gazillion gifts, but we had some extra fun (a-la Jimmy Kimmel haha) so there were extra "things" to put together and wrap. Can't wait for Christmas day!!!!

We woke today, refreshed, even after just a few hours of sleep, and my food prep is done, two new recipes completed development, and we're ready for the week. I feel more in tune with the holiday. I've adjusted our usual Christmas Eve and Christmas day food traditions to reduce stress, and I'm looking forward to family time. I guess I just needed to exhale. Now I can enjoy my little piece of Peace.

Wondering about those movies? Our favorite Christmas movies? Mine is The Long Kiss Goodnight, and Bill's is Die Hard. Yep. We're twisted! :-)


  1. So funny on the The Long Kiss Goodnight because I not only love that movie and watch it around Christmas time, too, I also pretend I'm her every time I do my food prep and when I'm chopping for the holidays. LOL

  2. Hahaha! Awesome!! I had Bill crackin' up yesterday when I told him I needed to get my veggie's ready for the week, "Cuz' Chef's do that." Haha! :-)