Friday, December 30, 2011

New Year's Eve Eve

Wooohoo! Day off! Woot woot!

Can you tell I'm a happy camper? :-D  Today began late... we actually slept in! What??? I know! Crazy talk there! It was awesome! The new fitness and nutrition plans went out to our Case Study gals of Group 2. It's hard to believe we're halfway through the Study! I'm so proud of how hard they're all working, and what they're achieving. These seven women are awesome!

Today is full of errands and appointments. Some of those appointments might be fun-related ;-) Woot! I believe a pedicure and girl-time is in order, hehe. I'm also laying out my 2012 goals. 2011 was an incredible year for me - I beat the odds and recovered ahead of schedule (and far more than anyone anticipated) from my knee surgery,  I attended the Arnold Sports Festival as an Eat Clean Diet Ambassador, I was signed as a sponsored athlete by Champion Nutrition and continue to write weekly recipes for them, I was signed by World Physique Women Magazine as a recipe writer, I was featured in my 3rd magazine (Oxygen Magazine), I trained for my first Figure Competition and came home with hardware, I turned 41, launched a new business with my best friend (, have 7 incredible women in our first Case Study, along with having an absolutely amazing family.

As I look to 2012, I know it's going to be just as incredible as this last year.

How about you? What are  you grateful for? What did you achieve this year? What are your plans for next year? How will you go about achieving them? Let's ROCK 2012. Let's rock it together!!


  1. You have been a HUGE inspiration to me this past year! I have set my 2012 goal to compete in a Figure competition, now I just need to figure out how!

  2. Chelle,
    You are a ROCKSTAR! I am so thankful to be one of your case study participants. Your program is awesome and you are such an inspiration to me. It has been a crazy week for me and now my son has 103 fever but im still on plan which is because of your leadership.