Monday, December 12, 2011

Weekend Recap...

It was a full weekend at our place! Thursday/Friday were a flurry of plans as Tabitha and I worked to get Group 1 their new fitness and nutrition plans (and no one got a Tbsp of cinnamon, YAY!!). When all the plans were sent out, Tabitha, Shiloh and I headed for some girl-time at the mall! Woot!!  Feeling just a tad (ok, a LOT) guilty for not being chained to my computer, I furthered the time-off with a double date later that night. On our way home from seeing what just might possibly be the world's WORST film ever, I saw an email from none other than Katharine (yes, the unsuspecting recipient of my cinnamon debacle) - it seems I sent her the wrong plan. And the wrong recipes. Are you kidding me???  Once I got her the correct plan and recipe packet, I did point out that the up-side to this particular mistake is that now she can be assured that the plans are indeed totally and completely individualized! LOL!

Saturday was Total Body Conditioning in the morning, where Tabitha traumatized my abs again (haha), then breakfast, quick blast of Christmas shopping with the hubby and then back to being chained to the computer going over our participants' weekly updates and food logs. By Sunday, the husband had passed on his "hack-up-a-lung" illness to me. I made the circle complete. I was the last person in the house to catch this particular bug, and darnit I thought I was clear! Rats! I felt so cruddy yesterday that if it hadn't been my daughter's 16th birthday with a request for Enchilasagna for dinner, I would have blown off my Sunday Food Prep.

So off I trudged. Got my shopping done. Got my prep done. Got the Enchilasagna done. Next house: double oven. That's all I'm gonna say. It's not optional. Lol.

Prep this week netted me the following:
Protein: protein powder, eggs, chicken breast, ground beef, lean pork roast, london broil, tuna, shrimp & crab, greek yogurt.
Starchy carbs: brown rice, brown rice/quinoa mix, black beans, kidney beans, sweet potatoes, new potatoes, sandwich thins, whole wheat tortillas.
Veggies: eggplant, tomato, salad, onion, mushrooms, asparagus, snow peas & tomatoes, cauliflower, broccoli
Fruit: Bananas, grapefruit, apples, kiwi, blackberries, blueberries
Fat: coconut oil, olive oil, cheese

The menu for the week includes last night's Enchilasagna, BBQ Beef sandwiches (crockpot), Pork Loin Roast, Shrimp & Crab pasta, Mushroom Chicken (crockpot), and all the leftovers thereof. :-)

My daily cooler's is updated..

Here's a pic of my sweet-16 baby with her ring... isn't she gorgeous? :-)

Happy Monday!!

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