Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Will Goal Weight Make You Happy?

There's been a lot of talk lately about reaching goal weight. Reaching it, like it's a destination. But what then? What happens when you get there, but nothing has changed except your weight?

When I reached goal weight in 2008, I found myself facing those questions. My body was different, but I was still the same person. Losing weight didn't make me lose my shyness. Getting thin didn't get me confidence. I was still me. So now what?

One of the things I learned as I entered weight-maintenance, is that setting goals is about more than a number on the scale, or a size on a label. It's about where you are, where you're headed, and what you ultimately want. A terrific read on setting goals is on Tabitha's blog here.

Along with goals, you've also got to dig down into the deeper parts of yourself and find your issues. Dealing with the issues will help you not only reach the goals you set, but reach new heights of living. After reaching goal weight, I embarked on a journey to find out exactly what I wanted in life. I took some funky twists and turns, including a memorable moment on a stage with a feather boa, but I learned a lot - about life - about myself. I learned how to assess the things I was unhappy about by asking two questions...
Can I change the situation?  Yes? Then change it. No? then Can I change my perspective of the situation?

I've changed. A lot. I've grown. I'm still growing. I've reached goals. I'm still setting goals. And I'm learning to live life to the fullest and love it. My weight, my shape, is part of it - because I've worked so hard to earn it - but it's not the whole. The things that make me whole have nothing to do with the scale or a label.

If you're working toward a goal weight or size, I challenge you to go deeper. What got you to where you are now? What do you need to work on? Please believe me when I tell you, if you don't deal with it now, it WILL hurt you later. If you're an emotional eater, or a binger, reaching goal weight won't make that magically go away, it'll just make weight maintenance a trial and a misery. Goal weight doesn't change you, but you have the POWER to change your behaviors. You can grow, you can let out more of who you really are, you can be deep-down-in-the-gut-happy. It's going to take some work, no lie, but it's worth it. You can do it!

Oh, and you can hit goal-weight, too!  ;-)


  1. I am at my "goal" weight (5'4", 117lbs) but still have problem areas that I need to tone. All butt and thighs. They're not "fat" but they aren't tight either. I need to do more lower body stuff, my least favorite area to exercise. Over the holiday break, I am going to go thru all of my workouts that I have taken from Oxygen mag and write out a workout schedule so I don't only end up doing cardio or upper body. I found a new love in yoga, and I hope it will help strengthen my lower half as well.

  2. Hi Paige! I hear you! I've found that as I continue training, my body continues to change, though the weight stays the same. You can absolutely continue to sculpt your physique as you maintain that goal weight! :-)