Monday, January 16, 2012

Answers and More Questions

The weekend was productive. Though I didn't make it to the pantry, the rest of my kitchen is finally organized again. Whew! I've threatened all my children that it better remain so. I say ALL my children because once again, I have a full house ;-) My son is back from Houston in the interim between job phases, so he's staying with us until he heads back. Four teens, all their friends, two dogs, me and the hubby. It's most definitely a full house.

Friday was Bethany's ultrasound and my MRI, as I posted before. Today we got the results. Bleh. Bethany flies home this evening and we'll discuss hers with her then. Mine - AC Joint Capsulitis. Frozen Shoulder. Oh joy. I meet with the orthopedic doc on the 24th to determine the next steps. I've already had this for 4 months, already had one cortizone shot, already do the physical therapy exercises, so we'll see what he wants to do. Bleh.

Anyway, mixed in with my manic kitchen flurry was my Sunday Food Prep - and it made my previous Counters of Chaos look like an amateur job! Ha! It was TRUE chaos, lol! I'm now fully prepped for the week, and the only thing that didn't get done (other than reorganizing my black hole of a pantry) was making the granola. I've got lots of chicken sliced, weighed and bagged, all my steamer veggies, my oatmeal packets, my potatoes for lunchtime starchy carb... it's all set.  Dinner last night was AMAZING and will be tomorrow's Recipe of the Week for Champion Nutrition :-) Dinner tonight is crockpot shredded beef - handy, as I'll be going from the office to Total Body Conditioning then home to meet Bethany (Bill's picking her up at the airport while I'm finishing class). It's nice to know that dinner will be ready when we all get there :-)

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