Thursday, January 5, 2012

Mind Games

It's a brand new year, and while many are just starting on a new path to health, enjoying the high that comes with fresh motivation and determination, there are others who are discovering something else...  Our incredible Case Study women have been at this for 8 weeks already! EIGHT WEEKS! Right through the holidays, they busted their butts (and thanks to an unfortunate ladder incident, an arm and an ankle for one), they bypassed the treats and stayed on plan. They pushed, they sweat buckets (one puked buckets, lol), they cooked, prepped, ate... and guess what?

One by one, they're starting to hit the wall. Yep. Was this unexpected? Nope. Is this a problem? Again, nope. Why? Because they're stronger. They will go over, under, around or through that wall.

Here's what happens. We start something new, we have a goal, we're excited and motivated. Along the way we realize it's tougher than we thought, it's more demanding, it's hard, we're tired, we're busy... and then we fade away. The resolutions are broken, and we move right back to where we started. We didn't lose ground, we threw it away. Because it got hard. Because our minds started telling us all the reasons why we can't do ______ (fill in the blank). But you know what? Our minds are lying to us.
thank you, Lacey
I get it, I've been there. Here's what I've learned, and what Tabitha and I are teaching our awesome ladies... You have the power. When your mind tells you that you can't push one more rep, take one more step, you talk back! Tell that little lying voice to go to hell. You are NOT that tired. You CAN do more. You WILL finish what you started. When the scale isn't showing you how hard you've worked, toss the scale! It is NOT your friend. Use measurements, go by how your clothes are fitting, take progress photos every 4 weeks. IF you are truly working it, the changes are there, even if the scale doesn't show you.

And FYI... injury isn't an excuse. Period. If you know my story, my journey, you know that injury cannot stop you from reaching your health and weight goals. Nutrition is one of the most powerful weapons we have. I've said it many a time... nutrition alone will get you to goal weight, exercise (in particular strength training) is what will shape that weight into the physique you strive for. Don't get me wrong. I'm not handing you a pass on exercise - the diet/nutrition alone focus will land you at goal weight, but still fat and ill. Period. Exercise, in so many ways, builds your health, not just your shape. Even if you're injured, there are ways to increase your activity and build muscle and good health - there is always a way.

There are many things you can do to fight back when the mind games begin... little things that can make HUGE differences.

  • Change up your music. If you need ideas, check out our music playlist pages. Fresh music gives you something to look forward to, changes your rhythm, moves you. That's a powerful tool, USE IT!
  • Find inspiration. I love to search the web for inspirational / motivational posters (like the picture above). Place them where you'll see them daily, and LOOK at them. 
  • Create a collection of mantras. My favorite in tough workouts is something Tabitha said to me OFTEN when she was training me... "Anyone can do 5 more." 
  • Change your environment. Try out a new gym, or take your workout outside. Do something different, and it will freshen your experience.
  • (my favorite) New workout clothes! Woot! If you can, reward your hard work with something new. Silly t-shirts (yes, star wars frequents my workout wardrobe), or great-fitting pants, shoes... these all make me feel strong and ready for the next workout.
These are just a few ideas. There's a TON of ways to get through the wall, but YOU are the only one that can do it. You CAN get through it. Don't let it stop you! Don't throw away all you've worked for! Tell that voice to shut the F#@& up. This is YOURS. 2012 is YOUR year. Take it!

You Are Stronger Than You Think You Are.


  1. A wall big enough to stop you from reaching your goals would have to be a really big wall. A wall that BIG would require a building permit. You are the only one in your life with the authority to allow a wall of that size to be built in your path! No matter how many times the building permit is put in front of you, say "Hell no!" and put a big red X on it! Do not allow anything to stop you! YOU ARE IN CHARGE!

  2. Wonderful Chelle!
    I think you listed all my ways to get through my mind telling me the negatives when it gets too hard.... especially new workout clothes, lol. ;)
    Ha! Star Wars frequents my tees too! As well as one of the Muppets as Star Wars characters, lol!
    May the force be with you Obi-Chelle

  3. So true. Thank you. :)