Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Random Wednesday

Sunday I tried a new class... Circuit City. Mountainside Fitness opened their new location off Indian Bend on Saturday, and Tab is teaching a few classes there... so I went. GORGEOUS facility! Anyway... class was BRUTAL! It was fantastic! :-D Afterwards, we enjoyed a protein shake then headed out. First stop? Lululemon! My first time! I found many things, but only three came home with me, lol! One of the three was this...

My backpack, which I've been using for quite some time now (think years) is about ready to give up the ghost. Ok. It already has, but I keep duct taping it back together. I've been keeping an eye out for a new bag for six months.. no joy. Can't find anything I like, want, is practical, etc. Then I saw the Lululemon bag. Love at first sight! Which is good, cuz I had a heart attack when I finally saw the price. It better last a LOOOOOONG time! LOL! It's totally wonderful, though! I can fit everything in there (pockets for EVERYTHING) and the way the shoulder strap is worked it doesn't weigh down my bad shoulder (which is my purse shoulder). I love it!! And, it'll double as my...... oops! Nearly spilled the beans! ;-) Soon, I'll share my fun news!

After Lululemon, we hit the grocery store.. Look at these grapefruit! Tab grabbed a normal one and this crazy one to show you the difference... Where were THOSE when I was competing? Hahaha!

Back home at my place, we began our food prep for the coming week. We divvied up the tasks and got to work! By the time she left, we were both stocked and ready. :-) And here we are already at hump day! How'd that happen?? Week is flying by.   

Here's a few random pics for your Wednesday... Enjoy! 


  1. ARRRGGGGH!! You and your surprises! ;) Can't wait to hear what else you're gonna use your new bag for! Which, by the way, is TOTALLY awesome! Love it! I don't know if we even have a Lululemon here! So jealous! But happy for you, too. ;) Hope you "let the cat out of the bag" soon!

  2. Chelle I got that bag in purple on sale after Christmas. Love it! I
    mean it even has a pocket that says "phone". How awesome! Gonna be in Scottsdale at the end of march. Where does tabitha teach? Would love to take one of her classesAlso,what are must do things in Scottsdale?

  3. Hey! Mountainside Fitness - Monday night she teaches at the Platinum Club, Total Body Conditioning; Thursday nights at the new one on Indian Bend / 101 Fwy; every other saturday Total Body at the Shea Blvd club, plus she teaches Step every saturday....I think I'm missing some classes, lol! Email us directly and we'll get you the schedule :-)

  4. Thanks so much Chelle! I'm in the nlc facebook group so I will Facebook you when it's closer to vacation time:)