Saturday, January 28, 2012

Safely back home...

Thank you for your kindness, your thoughts, prayers, emails and posts! My daughter's surgery went well and we're now safely back home.  The doctor is confident that Bethany will now regain her health. We knew she had gallstones, and the assumption was that this was causing her nausea, vomiting and pain - and subsequent weight loss. In the last week, she dropped 4 lbs - and she's already tiny. When they went in, the doctor discovered that Bethany's gallbladder had an abnormally small "neck" which prevented bile from leaving the gallbladder, causing the stones to form, and then the pain and so on. So, they removed the gallbladder.

When we joined her in Recovery, she was awake and coherent (mostly, lol). But the moment we knew she was recovering well was when we saw this...

hahahaha! ;-) Texting away with her E.T. phone home finger (pulsox). Lol!

Once we were moved into her room, her friends came to visit, and later that evening Shiloh (my middle daughter). We had a full house in that little room. Bethany was surrounded by her friends and family, and very, very well cared for by the wonderful staff at Phoenix Children's Hospital. I stayed the night with her, and was impressed by the care and attention that was given to my daughter.

On a nutritional note (haha, cuz you knew that was coming!), I was very pleased with the choices offered by the hospital. They have a huge cafeteria setup with a LOT of healthy and healthier options, then for the patients, it's done as "room service".  Here's the menu...

On the back there's a fun little visual for kids to learn about how to eat healthy (which I thought was very cool). Bethany got to make her own choices (with mom's approval), and Mom was thrilled with the nutrition offered. I had my cooler. During the day, I had sandwiches (whole grain with steak for Bill and chicken for me), and apples. Later I had greek yogurt with protein powder and blueberries, dinner was a steak wrap and a grapefruit. For breakfast I had my usual oatmeal with protein powder, ground flax & cinnamon with blackberries. I used one of the plastic cups in the room and just added hot water. For my own convenience I was glad I had my cooler, but it was nice to learn that I didn't have to have it - that clean options were available.
Once the doctors saw that Bethany was tolerating food well, and her pain level was stabilizing, we were released to come home (to her great joy). Back home she's resting, and bored. Haha. I'll take bored over sick ANY day!! I will also take my own bed. The little couch I slept on last night suited its purpose, but it's time is OVER. I'm glad to be able to stretch out, lol! She has some movement restrictions for a bit, but her external incisions are super-glued rather than stitched, so (again to her joy) she can shower. Though she's not enjoying the pain, she's already enjoyed two days of no sickness - it's a sweet thing!

That's my update. Again, HUGE thanks to you!!! Your well wishes meant so much to Bill, Bethany and I throughout this time! Thank you!!


  1. Yipee! Here's to having your precious, healthy kiddo back! Just wait till you see her running around like crazy. :) What fun!

  2. Glad everyone is back home and Bethany is on the mend!

  3. I'm so happy that Bethany's surgery was a success, and that you are all home as a family now, to support her through recovery. Lol... ET finger and the cell phone... you gotta love it!!!! We are all praying for you and your family over at the ECD, Chelle... thank you for sharing your personal story with us, it's so refreshing to see someone who uses NO excuses in eating healthy. I love that about you... pack that cooler and GOOOOO!!!!! Have a blessed Sunday and praying for a speedy recover for your daughter! ~Kymberly

  4. stumbled onto your blog and just wanted to show some blog luv! def enjoyed this post! happy everything went ok!!

  5. So glad to hear that everything went well and everyone is home!