Thursday, January 12, 2012

This is gonna be EPIC!!!!

"Oooh secrets! Do tell!!"
It's time to share the news! 

As I stated here, when I realized that I couldn't compete this year, I was bummed. Then I wasn't going to The Arnold in March, and I was bummed. Then I finally accepted that my shoulder damage has changed the way I train, and yeah, you guessed it... I was bummed. Yes, I'm fit. Yes, I'm healthy. Yes, I have a lot of wonderful people in my life, and things happening, but I kinda felt like I didn't have a reason to "push" in the gym. I really wanted that reason. Having those kinds of goals keeps me moving forward and continuing to see how I can change my body. I love it!
Well.... as Tabitha says, 
"Careful what you wish for..." 
You just might get it.
The pieces have all fallen into place, and I now have a reason to push. In fact... I have a reason to push, Tabitha has a reason to push, Bill and Mike (our respective husbands) have a reason to push. And push. And push. 
So... What IS IT????  Well...

It ain't the Black Pearl, but this is EPIC!!

No, really! We mean EPIC!!!
That's right!!! We're hitting the High Seas!!! Woooooohoooo!!!!  April 7-14, the four of us are going on a boat. A big boat. A really, really, really big boat. The Norweigan Epic. We'll fly into Florida, then hit up the Eastern Caribbean. It's going to be EPIC in every way!! We have 3 ports of call, with tons of fun things to see and do, PLUS, the on-board activities are off the charts! Blue Man Group, Cirque, and more!! What???!!! YES!!!!! 
"I assume there will be much rum to be imbibed, yes?"
Then of course, there's this...
Yes, I have a 5 year old inside me. We ARE going on those slides!
Then we're gonna do us some of this...

"Ahhh, yes... I know these women. Their men should have Bail money at the ready."
We are sooooo excited (and the kids are bitterly jealous, lol). It's gonna be so much fun!!!! But before the fun... WORKOUT!!!!!!!!!! LOL!! We'll be changing up our routines both in the gym and in the kitchen to help us reach our goals. Tab and I both will post about what we're doing along the way. This was just the impetus I needed to fire me up again! I have to be in a bathing suit in 12 weeks! Let the countdown begin!! 

If we're gonna walk the plank,
we're gonna look damn good doing it.

Hmmmm. Might should get a tan.


  1. YOU are going to have a blast, Chelle!! I love cruising. We head out March 9 on Carnival St. Maarten, St. Lucia and St. Kitt. I think cruising is the cheapest vacation you can take over a long period of time. Enjoy it. We're flying out of Florida, too. Only thing is it's a famiily cruise - as in all my husband's brothers and sisters and respective spouses - sigh. Oh well. Can't have everything. It's a big boat. PARTYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Oh yea! Good for you, girls! So deserved and I know you'll have a great time!

  3. Awe, how exciting!!!! :) I'm so happy for you, that sounds like sooooooooo much fun :)