Saturday, January 14, 2012

Yay for Saturday!!

Guess what??? World Physique Women launched! My recipes got a full spread!!! Woooooooo!!!!!!
I was thrilled when I learned this morning that the issue has been released! Bill took all the pics for me, and the day we did the whole shebang, he kept snapping pics asking, "you done with this one yet? Can I eat it??" LOL!! It was so much fun!

This was a crazy week! Along with my normal life, there's been lots of additional tasks... getting Bill ready for his trip to Sacramento, Bethany ready for her trip to Fresno, a couple extra fitness classes (STILL sore, woot!), an Ultrasound for Bethany, an MRI for me, and new nutrition plans to ready for our Case Study (who are ROCKING the program!!).

Yesterday was a whirlwind... 4:30 Bill and I had a cup of coffee then headed to the airport to drop him off, back at home, I finished up the nutrition plans, worked (day job, lol), then Bethany and I headed to the Imaging center. Her ultrasound went smoothly ("it tickles!" haha) and since I didn't get an emergency call from the center or the doctor, I assume everything is ok, then she inhaled the contents of the cooler (her ultrasound was in a fasted state - teenagers and fasting are NOT a good mix) while I had my MRI done (more on that in a minute). Then it was rush to WalMart to pick up her last minute stuff, then home to pack, then off to the airport to catch her flight. While we were at WalMart, she showed me the mysteries of the Red Box, and I came home with a movie to watch.

The rest of the evening various teenagers were in and out of the house (only two of them mine), while I sent off the new packets to our Case Study gals, dealt with dinner and teen-needs, then came the moment.... ahhhhhh, the quiet moment when the house was mine (mine, all mine!). I poured a glass of wine, headed upstairs and watched my girl-flick (Sucker Punch - lol! I really liked it, actually but I'm an odd duck). I hit the hay at midnight and then got to sleep in today. Serious Ahhhhhhh!

One of my tasks today is to organize my kitchen. Time to declutter! And with no one around, I might actually get it done! Woot!

So about that MRI. I've never had one, so didn't know quite what to expect. I absolutely didn't know what to expect for a shoulder-MRI. Holy cow! Ouch, I tella you, OUCH! I lay down on the "bed" and had to work my shoulder into this bracket deal - all the way in, then hold a rolled up towel in my hand so my thumb stayed up, another rolled up towel went between my arm and body, then I was strapped down. Already I am screaming inside. The position my hand was in causes the shoulder to lay flat and open - normally not a problem, but with what's going on in my shoulder now, this was a nightmare. The tech was awesome, and I don't mind closed in spaces so the tube wasn't an issue, but man that pain sure was! Once it was over and I was unstrapped, it took some doing to get up because it hurt so bad. Back in the dressing room I pulled off the gown and reached for my clothes and discovered a big nasty mark on my shoulder - did I mention that my shoulder was wedged into that bracket thing? Oy! Last night as I readied for bed, the mark had faded into a developing bruise. Ugh.

Today it's extra stiff, and more painful than usual, so I'm stretching it as much as I can tolerate. I'm very much ready for some answers on this issue. It's reached the point where I have to ask Bill to help me take off my sports bra after workouts... now, you might think this could be a good thing, haha - I know where your mind is going, but let me repeat... after workouts. Sweaty nasty bra stuck to my sweaty nasty body. No fun for anybody, lol! I have to just hold my arms up in the air while he pulls it off me because I can't use my left arm to pull the bra off. Couple times he's had to help me with t-shirts, too. NO BUENO. I should get a call from the doctor early this next week. Cross your fingers that we get answers for both Bethany and I.

Plans for the rest of the weekend.... today is my kitchen fest & laundry. Maybe a few errands to run. Tomorrow is another awesome workout class with Tabitha, then food prep, then pick up Bill at the airport. Bethany flies home Monday. It should be a quiet weekend. Of course, I do have to navigate the return of my Red Box movie... there might be some swearing involved. I think that hateful box was put here just to torment me. The kids say it's easy. Ha!

I also get to play with some recipe development. The nutrition editor of Oxygen Magazine invited me to develop a protein shake recipe for consideration for the Shake of the Month column in the magazine! FUN!!

Then I'm back to poring over the brochures for the EPIC! Woot!!!! Cool sidebar... I got an email this morning from Adrianna, who read my blog about the upcoming cruise while sitting in the Internet Cafe of the Epic!! Ha! How cool is that??? :-)

Happy Saturday!!


  1. All kinds of fun stuff for you Chelle! I'm working my kitchen over too. Right now I have everything out, cleaning the cupboards and then streamlining for super efficiency (I hope!) Best hopes and wishes for all the radiology tests!

  2. I looooooved Sucker Punch! :) I've been waiting all my life for a movie like that!