Friday, February 17, 2012

Awww, C'mon!

I Give!!! Uncle! Make it STOP!!!!!!!!!!!!
C'mon, enough is enough already! Last night I was excited that my sciatica was feeling better - the heat therapy is helping, and I was hoping to get into the gym for cardio this morning... my shoulder was feeling immensely better, was hoping for a good prognosis today at the doc...then I woke up. My neck is pinched. Are you kidding me???? Is this a joke??? WTH??? I am now one big ball of icy-hot with a heat pad alternating between my hips and my neck. Oh, and the shoulder? Screaming! Seriously??? I mean, really... SERIOUSLY???? What, was I UFC fighting in my sleep? What IS this???

Open Letter to The Universe...
To Whom It May Concern,
PLEASE tell me what it is you want me to learn so we can MOVE ON!

In other news, and I'm choosing to see this as an "Wow! Cool!" moment, rather than the slap in the face I'm sure the universe intended... I got this in yesterday's mail...
 I opened it up to this....
See that list of tiny print down the side? I'm there! Twice! Winner of 4th place in Novice Short Figure and 4th place in 35+ Figure (Jr Masters). Woot! A fabulous reminder of an incredible day that I will be forever grateful for. And I've got the hardware to prove it ;-)

Today is lining up to be another whirlwind. This week I've had a major trade-show and all the chaos and running back and forth to Mesa, I've had to organize and attend 2 doctor's appointments, have two more today plus another appointment also today, I've had my sciatica flare, my knee flare, I've been benched from the gym, and now of course, the darn neck. Though I can't share the details, our family is dealing with a major crisis and I can tell you truly, this has been the worst week of my life. Not an exaggeration. Truly. And since the universe appears to be picking on me, whatever could go wrong this week, DID. Cars, bank cards, internet, toner cartridges (I hate that powder!), crossed wires & skype sessions. Oh, and toss Craigslist in there, since it's one of my current banes of existence.

Today, I'm inhaling coffee and doing my craigslist work before I pack up my cooler and head out to get gas (again), drag 4 people into the meeting from hell, hit the pharmacy, my shoulder appointment, my daughter's doctor appointment, and (please cross your fingers for me) hopefully a coffee/caramel break with Tabitha. Please, please, please let me make that coffee appointment!

Tabitha keeps sending me text messages with one word... "Breathe". How does she always know just when to send? I'm having to remind myself to do that. I keep catching myself holding my breath (yeah, like that'll help, lol). Knitting is helping. I'm not actually making anything - I only know one stitch, lol, so I just keep knitting, tying in a new skein when I run out. Haha. My dog though, the boxer, seems to associate my knitting with my need for comfort - everytime I pull it out, she jumps up beside me (all 70 lbs of her) and lays her head on my lap... on my knitting. ROFL. For the record, it's very difficult to knit when a 70 lb blob is laying across your yarn. Hahaha! Last night I gave up on the knitting (she wouldn't budge) and lost myself in Pinterest for several hours. Ha! That's a time-suck! But so fun!

In the good news category, Bethany's post-op was yesterday... clean bill of health! Irony of all ironies, when the lab opened up her gallbladder - no stones! ??? There were no gallstones! BUT, they classified it as a non-functioning gallbladder - the neck, as the doc told us post-surgery, was so tiny that the bile couldn't be released - this was what caused her ill-health. We don't know what those "stones" were in the ultrasound that led us to surgery, but we are incredibly grateful! Bethany is full-force herself again - full of energy and life. It's wonderful!

So... there's my life in a nutshell ;-) It's Friday. May the weekend be better than the week! Please!!!!


  1. Sending deep breathes, love and best wishes!

  2. I am sending that wish to the universe that you get that coffee and caramel date!
    Breathe, and know it will pass.
    And how awesome is that, to be listed in a magazine?!

  3. Hang in there, Chelle...just keep thinking "caramel". It's a great mantra :)

  4. I think the universe gets bored sometimes....if this were me, I would have my head stuck in a big vat of chocolate...oh wait, that was yesterday..hope all improves very soon!

  5. I received my magazine in the mail too and came across your name last night! How exciting!!