Thursday, February 23, 2012

Ever Feel Like This...?

Hahahaha!!! I came across this one in the Pinterest-Time-Suck and can just so completely relate! ROFL! Egads, that looks like my life feels right now!! Oh, I needed that laugh! I can't wait for the hubby to see it! Ha!!

So remember when I said - knock on wood, I managed to do a TBC class (Total Body Conditioning) and a cardio session without injuring myself?   I didn't knock fast enough. Or loud enough. Or something. Darn You, Universe!!!! Leave me ALONE!!!!!  I freakin' pulled something in my inner thigh / quad. DRAT!!!!! I thought yesterday I was just brutally sore but today I know better. I think I'm being punked by the Universe. This is not cool.

Anyway, so tonight I will attempt to do Tabitha's class - she's got some super fun stuff planned and I'm soooo excited!!! :-D  Wooot! Tomorrow is shaping up to be a logistics nightmare - hopefully we'll get it all done. Cross your fingers for me!

oh, that's right...EVERYTHING!

Oh... and if anyone is wondering.... 44 DAYS!!!! hehehe


  1. That vacation is going to feel soooo great! Hang in there!

  2. Oh, yes, that vacation is just down the road. Keep strong.