Thursday, February 2, 2012

Grapefruit FAIL!

Ahh rats! Ya'll know how much I LOVE my grapefruit. I mean, seriously, LOVE. This morning, I ate my oatmeal (with protein powder, flax, cinnamon and blueberries), then reached for my grapefruit. I've been kinda miffed lately that they're so small (remember the one that was as big as my head? THAT was a grapefruit!), but at least I can eat a whole one when they're little like this. So I began to peel... and found this:
BOOOOOOO!!! Major grapefruit fail! No saving it, and frankly it wigged me out a bit. I am sans-grapefruit this morning - wanna guess how happy I am about it? LOL!  (remember, my daily coolers are posted here:

Also... our February Playlists are up! Woot! Check out what Tabitha and I are tuning in for our cardio this month:

In other news, my daughter has been back in school the last two days, recovering well, and today she texted me to say, "My stomach feels so much better! Barely hurts and looks good!".  She's been a little concerned about her belly-button incision and the swelling there, despite being told it's normal ;-)  Personally, I have to say I feel like I've got my daughter back! She's got a bounce in her step, she's smiley and bubbly... she's my Bethany! Yay!!!!!! She hasn't been sick once since surgery, and is obviously better. I'm thrilled! And relieved! Woot!

My own battle continues with my defective shoulder. What is it about turning 40? Yeesh!! I go back to the doctor on the 10th, and will have a better idea of a timeline. It's getting worse during this enforced rest, so surgery is definitely in my near future - the question is ... do I have surgery before or after my cruise? I can't get much info on the recovery until I know better what they'll be doing. The 10th can't come soon enough! I want answers! Lol. Yeah, patience is not MY virtue.

I've got to get back to work. And I've got to get over my grapefruit-anger. Hahahaa! Happy Thursday!

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  1. cindy goi binkiewiczFebruary 4, 2012 at 12:55 PM

    Chelle, I've never posted here, but I am a dedicated reader.. I'm so happy that Bethany is on the mend. I, too, have a bad right shoulder. I don't know if I've slept on it the wrong way, or injured it weight training. I'm not lifting heavy, but I suppose an injury can occur regardless. Actually, it's the anterior delt part. I've been babying it, training around it, focusing on lower body, etc.. About your shoulder, patience, patience, patience.... Have a great day!!