Monday, February 27, 2012

How is it Monday again??

Is it just me or is time flying by?

On Friday the hubby and I had a few appointments... one of which was a painful check-writing encounter at the local I.R.S. office.  Painful. To be (IRS)-debt free (haha, at least until April 17th, lol!) is a wonderful feeling, but wowzer it hurt to write that check! Afterward, we had a quiet weekend. Lots of talking, planning, trouble-shooting, planning, talking... lol. It's crisis-central at our house, but I think we're beginning to get a handle on it - or at least on ourselves. The hubby and I even got some time alone! Woot! Date!

We headed out to Studio Movie Grill. It's our new favorite place - dinner and a movie - and alcohol! LOL! Seriously though, we love it! We went to see Act of Valor. And thought it was fabulous. If you haven't seen it, know that it is not your typical Hollywood movie - it's a blend of real-life soldiers and actors. There are times when the acting is not so great, lol, but the film itself we thought was amazing. There were several action scenes when we looked at each other and whispered, "That's So Cool" with big goofy grins. ;-)  We'll definitely be buying a copy when it comes out on DVD.

At the end of the film, they ran a list of names. I was actually gathering my purse and such to leave, and ended up dropping right back down in my seat. I knew one of those names. The recognition brought home to me the truth behind the film - every day, our men and women are in danger, and in a moment, lives can be changed forever.

The rest of the weekend, I did final recipe testing and photography. The deadline for the World Physique Women's magazine is at the end of this week ;-)  Each recipe that made the cut for this weekend was a hit (yay!), and though I've only glanced so far, the pics look good. I've got to finish up the written work, then that'll go in! Woohoo! I don't have a date of publication for that one, but it'll be the Spring Edition.

Also completed this weekend was my usual stuff... laundry, housework (blah), Sunday Food Prep. I'm all stocked up and ready for the week. I have one more recipe to hit the final test tonight, and if it's a go, it'll be tomorrow's Champion Nutrition USA Recipe of the Week. If it bombs, I've got a backup, lol ;-)

Housework sucks...
I do not enjoy housework. That's why we have kids, right?
I'm doing a bit better with the hunger thing. I ate ok (meaning enough fuel) throughout the weekend, had my treat, and today am hungry (so far) when I'm supposed to be. I've decided to focus on foods I enjoy more than the usual - in the hopes that I'll look forward to meals. Salads are high on the list... there's just so many yummy things you can put on a salad ;-) I also picked up a jar of Nuttzo, and am putting that in my oatmeal instead of ground flax - everything is better with (when you're) nuttzo! ;-) hahaha!

This week brings more of the same - rehabbing these injuries and doing my best to prevent further damage (have I mentioned I strongly dislike "taking it easy"?), prepping and planning for the future... and of course... counting down to the cruise! :-D

40 DAYS TO GO!!!!!


  1. Oh Chelle,
    You are such a busy gal. But so glad that you share so much and saw the new recipes and can't wait to try them. Sorry about the IRS money go, but may be a good thing on the inside.
    Cheers and just 40 days!!

  2. I was wondering about Act of Valor! Glad you mentioned it, will def see it now. Sounds like thing are a bit back to normal for ya... I'm glad. Good job taking care of the injuries and forcing yourself to take it easy. Know that's a tough one for ya. <3