Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Re-Thinking My Ideal

We're finishing up the Case Study - and if you haven't checked out the amazing women of Group 1, you absolutely should!  It's incredible what they've done in a short time (and through the holidays!!). Seriously! Wow!!

As you know, I'm headed to the doctor this friday to move toward surgery. My shoulder is shot. I can't use that arm for much. Pffft. Stupid joint. Getting ready for this appointment has been hard for me, emotionally and mentally. I'm still struggling to put away my previous dreams and goals, and form new ones. One big question I have is What is my new ideal body? I just don't know. The physique of a figure competitor (not stage-ready, but normal lifestyle) has been what I've worked toward - and now... my limitations won't allow the work that builds and maintains that physique, so what do I strive for? I don't have an answer, yet. But I will.

I will. And I'll be ok with it. In fact, I'll be better than ok, I will THRIVE. The limitations of my body do not, and can not change who I am inside. (But man-oh-man, I can't wait to get this shoulder taken care of!).


  1. Hey Chelle! Thinking of you often lately. You are a true inspiration. Life will certainly throw us things we don't want, what we do in those circumstances really shows who we are. So proud of you!

    Keri W

  2. Wishing you the very best at this transitional stage in your life. I know when you have determined your new goals you will go for it with your usual 100% commitment and dedication. I know first hand the frustrations of the limitations our bodies inflict on us. All the best on Friday.