Monday, February 6, 2012

Sunday Recap - Food Prep & The Big Bowl...

Though there were a few scheduling glitches, I managed to get done my laundry, food prep and still hit the Superbowl party. Lol!  I did my grocery shopping Saturday, then Sunday morning got my prep done, then off to the party. Here's what I did...

Oatmeal baggies! I'd be lost without these! Dry oatmeal, ground flax, cinnamon and protein powder.

 Then there were the veggies... This week, I did my asparagus steamers, then just mixed up all the rest.


Have I mentioned how much I love finding clean products that save me time? ;-) Here's some sausage and pasta sauce, with our family favorite - quinoa pasta for a weekday meal this week.

As usual, I made a bunch of chicken. I sliced it up and put it in a big baggie for sandwiches, wraps, and anything else we need. For myself, I just toss the amount I need in a baggie and go.

Once all my prep was done, it was time to gather the supplies for the Super Bowl party... I grabbed up some of my favorite products, discovered some new favorites and with my 3-pot crockpot, away we went... here are some of the treats we enjoyed...

meatballs in the crockpot - heck yeah! 

More clean meatballs - didn't even need sauce! Tasty!

Add bbq sauce and yummage ensues!

Every one of those products is clean. What's my point? Ready-made food isn't the devil. You can find clean & wholesome products (sometimes not easily, lol, but they are out there!).

And, while we're talking super-bowl... was anyone else as disappointed as I was in the commercials? The Volkswagen commercial with the Star Wars barking dogs was better than the ones that aired! For someone who's not much into football, that was a bummer. Lol!

Today's cooler is up and you can view it here:

Happy Monday!

I love my Darth Vader bobble-head! 


  1. Hi chelle,

    I agree on the superbowl commercials. I was disappointed too. The weight loss dog was pretty good though. Although the end confused me :0/.

    I had a question for ya. Do you make your own granola or do you buy it somewhere? I haven't been able to find a granola that is very clean.

    LOVE the bobble head LOL!!!

  2. Hated the commercials, too. I worked for the ad agency in NY that did the Pepsi commercials in the 90s, and then it was all out warfare between the agencies. This was such a letdown. Did like the Sketchers commercial where the dog moonwalked across the finish line, though!