Monday, March 5, 2012

All kinds of randomness ;-)

If you read Thursday's post, you'll be glad to know that the dog is recovering well. She had to undergo surgery, but has gone home to her family. After that trauma, you can be sure our doggies were seriously pampered all weekend - and I called the microchip company and updated all our contact info.

Friday was a blur of getting the hubby to the airport (6am - oy!), then cardio, then driving the youngest to school, then driving another daughter to the college to sign up for new classes and get books (OUCH!). After that, we hung out for a couple hours then headed back home where I wasted time fighting the Blu Ray player (turns out it was dead - huh. At least it wasn't user error!), knitted for a bit, then jumped back in the car to work my way East. Bill's return flight was coming into Mesa-Gateway at 8:45pm, so I wanted to get to that side of town. My plan was to drive over, hit up the SanTan Village shopping center (I've heard such great things about it), then mosey over to the airport, pick up the hubby, enjoy a nice dinner, then head home. Key word in there was "plan".

I googled my directions, then away I went.... it took me an hour and a half to get there. ?????!!!!!  I have a strong dislike of traffic. As I neared my destination, I began to watch for my exit... ummmmm, where's my exit?? It wasn't there! I did, however, drive right past the exit for the airport... ??? huh? That's not supposed to be there, it's supposed to be on the other side of the mall...??? To my right, I saw the shopping center, so I hopped off the freeway, parked and put the mysterious exit and out-of-place airport right out of my mind. I keyed up my iPod, put my earbuds in, and browsed myself senseless. It was fabulous! I loved having the "no-mind-required" time alone. And, I scored a Lucy hoodie on clearance!! Woot!!

A couple hours later, it was time to head to the airport. Armed with my directions, I started the car and exited the lot... and got a text... "Flight Delayed."  Noooo!!!!!! Ugh. Now what? So I drove across to the giant WalMart (yes, I can kill serious time in a super-WalMart). Wandering up and down the aisles, I couldn't relax - I just wanted the hubby home. Finally it was time, so off I went. I followed my directions, sort of, until they dumped me in a parking lot. Not the airport parking lot, mind you. Forget this, I thought. I opened up the navigation system on my phone (why didn't I do this earlier???), and followed the robotic woman's voice to my destination. I had to park in the Cell lot, as the flight wasn't in yet. ???? I went online to check it's status... delayed again!!! By the time it finally touched down, I was not a happy camper, sitting in a dark, secluded lot for an hour. I have a very active imagination and have seen way too many horror films. Lol.

Once the hubby was safely in the car, I gently and lovingly informed him that he is to NEVER fly into this particular airport, EVER AGAIN. Hahaha. Lol. As he took the wheel, we drove out and I noticed something odd. We passed the shopping center. The one that should have been behind us. Not only did we pass it, but we passed it on the same side as I had previously entered it. WTF???

I expressed my bafflement to the hubby. He gave me a blank look. I explained. He laughed. He laughed so hard I feared he'd drive us off the road.

Evidently there are two 202 freeways. Evidently, I took the wrong one.
Let me give you a visual...

The red is the route I took, the long, circuitous wandering, non-scenic route I took.  The green circles are SanTan Village and the airport. The blue is the route I should have taken, which would have reduced my trip time from an hour and a half to 40 minutes. I pouted the whole way home. At least it was a short(er) ride.

Saturday was booked full, then Sunday was my usual Food Prep. It's stir-fry week at our house ;-) I have three very large containers of different stir-fry - chicken & pineapple, chicken & veggie, and beef/broccoli. I picked up a rice cooker at Costco - did you know you can burn rice in one of those? I was unaware of this. Consider me now duly informed. Hahaha. Woops! In addition, my oatmeal/protein powder baggies were all made up, my veggies went into steamer bags (purple cauliflower on sale this week! Woot!), another batch of chicken cooked up, more jasmine rice, a batch of Chorizo for tacos and taco salads, plus all the fruit, yogurt, etc. It's all good to go. With as many people as we have in the house right now, if anyone goes hungry, it's their own damn fault.

This morning I did my cardio, and I'm hoping to be whole enough to do class tonight. Stupid fragile joints. Ugh. On the up-side, I am LOVING my March playlist ;-) Woot! My quad is down to a dull roar, but the Sciatica is still threatening. Shoulder is holding steady - hurts like hell, but that's become my normal. Hoping to be able to hold out until June on surgery. We've got the cruise in 33 days, then a major event in May, so my surgery has to wait. With everything going on, I can't afford to be down in May, and there's not enough time now to have the surgery and recover before the cruise. Stupid fragile joints. Did I say that already? lol. So, we're crossing our fingers that the shoulder holds until June.

I'm sure ya'll know about the movie coming out ... Hunger Games. I seem to have been living under a rock, and was unaware of the story. Tabitha recently picked up the book and raved over it. I keep hearing awesome reviews of it, so I bit the bullet and bought the book. I had to force myself to put it down this morning when it was time to get ready for work. FORCE myself. Yeah. I'm hooked.

And being the pinterest junkie that I am, this suddenly makes a lot more sense...

So there's my update... What's new with you? ;-)
Happy Monday!!


  1. Ahh!! I hear ya on the San Tan Mall saga, that area can be very confusing if you don't do a lot of driving over there. If it makes you feel any better, I used to live right near the mall and my mom would get turned around everytime we would be out shopping together.

    Also, aggreed on the Hunger Games!! I am loving it right now.

  2. Whoa! That was indeed quite a day! Mine was a bit easier, and even got the lawn mowed, before the rains came hard and heavy. But as always, thanks for showing us how to do it!
    My young adult children and teenager and much excited about Hunger Games. Always have to read the book before seeing the movie!
    Cheers, Wendy