Saturday, March 17, 2012

And the Doctor says....

Ugh. Another doctor's appointment in the books. Yesterday was a whirlwind of appointments. My world seems to revolve around them, these days... to the point where I'm actually getting mild panic attacks... like this one: The first appointment goes without almost without a hitch (I had to get assertive at one point - I cannot abide rudeness), and I head home to drop off one kiddo, and get the other on the way to her appointment, then I'm off to mine... as I pull into the doctor's complex, I'm hit with this paralyzing anxiety - OMG, is this where I'm supposed to be? Is this the right appointment, is this my appointment or am I missing someone? I had to pull into the lot and check my calendar, then all the little appointment cards to be sure I was where I was supposed to be, when I was supposed to be. Lol. That's been happening a lot. I'm even having dreams of showing up to the wrong appointments with the wrong participants.

Anyway, so I see the doc and we go over the situation. The short version is that he's going to help me get through to June. When we return from our cruise, I'll come in and he'll give me another shot - with any luck and the new prescription he gave me, this will buy me the month of May, then I can do my shoulder surgery in June. But... because nothing can be easy, right? There's a problem with my back. The quad/sciatica thing I've had going is more than I thought, and may mean something entirely different for me. I'm to go back in immediately and get an MRI if it changes. Not good news. I'm now completely off training, relegated to cardio only - and even that might change, as far as the machines I'm able to use.

The rate at which my body is attacking itself is a shock. The words Auto-Immune and Rheumatoid Arthritis keep popping up. I know it's incredibly ridiculous, but I have a huge fear of being put on something like prednisone - All my hard work to lose weight and get fit, only to take a drug that causes me to swell up? Doesn't appeal. I know it's silly, and if it's the right course of action, I'll take it, but you can be sure I'm doing my research, lol. I'm hell on research. And nutrition - that's absolutely my best weapon and I'm using it. Up the Rebels! 

To escape my useless fears, the hubby and I headed out for date night - We went and saw 21 Jump Street. Not a movie I'll buy on DVD, but it gave us some good laughs. And the Johnny Depp cameo? Hysterical!

Today I'm prepping my meal plan and grocery list for tomorrow's Food Prep, and being as it's St Paddy's day, I definitely see a Guinness in my future ;-) Our cruise planning is nearly complete - we've booked our shore excursion and our on-board events. We're so excited! We'll be seeing the Blue Man Group, the Cirque dinner show, and the Legends concert, then our off-boat fun is horseback riding on St. Maarten, beach and shopping, too, of course ;-) A fun tour on St. Thomas, and the big finale - the Atlantis on Nassau! Woot! It's going to be fabulous!!!!

I'm almost fully packed, ROFL! Seriously! I've got all my vacation clothes and shoes ready to go into the suitcase - the hubby thinks I'm nuts, I probably am, lol, but I'm just so READY for this trip! I need a bathing suit, and a dress-up outfit, and then all that's left is to actually pack up. And yes, my notebook for this event is ever at hand, haha!

Though, I'm wondering if I should fake-tan up before we go... I'm pretty winter-white.

he he he ;-)


  1. Chelle, I love your great attitude! I know you will prevail!

  2. Ugh is right! Stupid bodies that don't do what we want 'em to! Glad your vaca is soon! I know someone that went to Atlantis; she said it was the most beautiful place she'd ever been. Sounds like some R&R (this time that's rest and relaxation NOT "Rockin' & Roarin'" is just what you need. Enjoy your trip! Thinking of you. :)