Thursday, March 29, 2012

Fun Ahead...

The bed is growing on us... or maybe we're growing into it. Hmm. We enjoyed a very restful sleep last night, though it was still quite the effort to get OUT of bed this morning, lol. We've (only half-) joked about tying a rope to something and having it handy in case we need help escaping the Quicksand Mattress.

We're busy (ok, I'm busy) finishing up all the last minute stuff for our vacation. All the contact lists are done, the itinerary is finished, Mom has copies of everything, lol ;-) I have a storage container (large) that I've been putting all the vacation clothes and shoes in, and a smaller one that I've been using to collect travel-size toiletries and such. I am READY to pack! ;-) I also made the call to the credit card company to inform them of our trip - it would be a very bad thing to have them put a fraud-prevention freeze on it when we're out of cell range! LOL! Yeah - it's happened to us before - no fun!

In the meantime... it's Arizona Bike Week! Woot! Remember last year? We had fun with the helmets ;-) Bill and I are heading over tonight after work. We'll check out all the vendor booths, then enjoy the concert - Puddle of Mudd! Woot! It's gonna be great! Then Friday night, we'll probably go see Mirror Mirror (thanks to a killer Groupon deal for Studio Movie Grill!) - I love Julia Roberts and a comedy sounds just right ;-)

I'll be doing my Food Prep on Saturday this week, as I have a bunch of errands and appointments on Sunday, then we'll be into the home stretch! We leave for the cruise next Friday!! Yaaayyyy!!!

Happy Thursday!!

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  1. ONE WEEK!!! I am sure you can smell the saltwater air from your quicksand mattress! HA! Sounds like you have a busy but exciting weekend planned. Have fun!