Thursday, March 22, 2012

I See The Light...

And it's not a train! It's a boat! A big, big BOAT!   ;-)
15 days until we leave! Wooohoo!!

The hubby is out of town, and you know what that means? I get the whole bed to myself! NOT. Lol!! I hate when he's not home, I have trouble sleeping knowing he's not beside me - I miss him :-(  However, I have two dogs who apparently miss him just as much. I fell asleep last night (finally) with one dog on the floor and the other by my feet. When I woke this morning, I was the filling in a Brindle cookie. They were both stretched out full length on either side of me - pressed up tight. The boxer was snoring in my ear, and the pitbull was sleeping with his head on my shoulder. So much for having more room in the bed, eh? ;-)

Bill comes home Friday, and that night we've got tickets to see Hunger Games at our favorite theater (Studio Movie Grill). I'm so excited!! Tabitha and Mike will be going, too, so it's Double-Date-Night ;-) I'm also looking forward to a treat meal, hahaha! Diet has been lean and mean lately, and I'm ready to feel full. LOL!

Here's to the weekend! C'mon, Friday! ;-)

Today's cooler is up - and I'm slowly, but surely adding pages to the Recipes section. Check it out if you get a chance! Feedback is always appreciated ;-)


  1. Hey Chelle, ya I was noticing your lean and mean coolers. But super glad that you are getting out for date night! That's about where I am lean and mean all week and I do know what I'm going to be eating at McMenamins!!!!
    Yay Friday!!

  2. Now, that is a BIG boat. I hope you have a lot of fun on your cruise.