Thursday, March 15, 2012

It's that kind of day...

Clearly I did not ingest enough coffee this morning. Up & At'em, I hit the gym for my morning cardio, only to have my iPod die on me less than 10 minutes in. Since this happened last week, I came prepared with my cell phone, thinking I'd just do Pandora if it went kapooey - problem with that is all the skipping songs I have to do... I'm picky about my gym-tunes. Oh - and there is a danger navigating Pandora causes a klutz like me while climbing stairs. Drat. Turned into the looooongest 30 minutes on the stair master of my life. Lol. Back home, my allotted 10 minutes of reading became 20 as I got sucked back into Panem and then had to scramble to get ready. Now at the office, I'm fighting technology, frantically backing up files and reading printing-quotes that make no sense. Clearly - Oy!

After I posted my daily cooler, I started wondering what the lifespan is on these little iPods... it's the little shuffle that looks like this...
except that those earbuds have never fit my ears... I have to do the in-ear kind or they fall out. So, maybe my little iPod needs to be replaced.... so I go searching online... only I can't find it anymore. When did I buy this thing, anyway? It was..... ummmm, hmmmmm, oh holy cow. Yeah. It's totally obsolete. Lol. But I don't WANNA buy a new one! Sure they're "cute", but darnit, I really liked my little sliver! We'll see how long I can last before I have to replace it with one of these...
I thought technology was supposed to make our lives easier?

Tomorrow is shaping up to be a mad-dash back and forth across town. There are three doctor's appointments, and each has it's own drama, plus the times ended up overlapping. ARGH. I'm still not sure how that's going to pan out - I guess we'll see. Three of us have an 11am on one side of town, then the hubby goes back to work, and I get to dash back home to drop off one kid and pick up another - she has a 1:45 on the other end of town, while I have my shoulder doc at 2 on the opposite side, then when that's done, back to the other appointment to pick her up, then... See? Chaos! I'm thinking there's a call for one-stop-medical/dental/ortho/etc... just one big building in the middle of town and every doctor has to work out of that... think it'd fly? ;-)

I've alluded to a crisis we're having in our family, and while I cannot share the details, I can share how I'm feeling. With everything going on in our lives, I'm spending more time at various appointments (and requisite driving) than anything else. Though I have my own issues with health, I'm incredibly grateful that I'm able to do cardio again, because at least I get some kind of recharging. I'm exhausted - physically, emotionally, mentally.  The situation we've been forced into is beyond anything we'd ever imagined facing. It's more painful, more terrifying, more everything. I catch myself holding my breath, or white-knuckling and have to remind myself to breathe. I search for "silver linings" just to keep myself pushing forward. One of those silver linings is that I am married to the most incredible man on the planet. I've seen many couples shatter during crisis - we are not one of them. I think that gives me more comfort than anything else right now.

That and knowing it's only 22 more days until vacation!!!!!!!!!!  I know, ridiculously shallow, right? But I'm thankful that we booked (haha, and paid for) this trip before all hell broke loose. I'm thankful that it won't prevent this trip (knock on wood, cross your fingers, cross your toes...). I know we have to come back to the situation, and that it's going to be even harder with what's to come, but we'll have had a break, you know? Just a time-out to catch our breath and regroup.

Maybe the universe will forget about us while we're on the cruise, and quit picking on us.... or maybe - with our luck - it'll realize that we'll be on a big boat in the big ocean on the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic. Oh - and the day before that one? Friday the 13th. Oops! ;-)




  1. I think you will definitely need the break, if nothing else but for a little distance. Sending good vibes for things to turn around to better soon!

  2. yes, a good break is in order. Helps get perspective and all that good stuff. Sending you good wishes!