Thursday, March 8, 2012

New Shoes!

I found the world's most comfortable shoe. Truly! Now, let me remind ya'll that I do not take "bribes" from companies - no one sent me these shoes and asked me to rave about them (though if the company wants to refund me my money since I'm about to RAVE about their product - I won't argue. wink wink). Here's what happened. Saturday I went mall-walking. I need some things for the upcoming cruise (30 days!!!), and so I was on the lookout... shoes being at the top of my list. You'd think I have plenty of shoes, right? I am a girl, after all, lol, but in reality, I don't really have much of anything wardrobe-wise. I never really replaced much after I lost all the weight, just a piece here or there (don't get Tabitha started on this subject, lol, she'll ream me! hahaha!!). So each new season, I pick up one or two things that help me get by. And yes, my feet shrank along with the rest of me. I used to be a size 8-8 1/2 W, I'm now typically a 7 or lower.  So here I am facing this vacation with truly only a piece or two that will work. Time to shop. Tabitha would be proud. ;-) In fact - I can't wait until our schedules mesh and we can do some real mall damage together! Woot!

So I wandered into the Sketchers store. I love sketchers. They're comfy, versatile, and last forever (when your daughter doesn't "borrow" them for mud-bogging). They had the cutest sandals and I thought something like that might work... pool, walking about the ship... check... but they won't be very comfortable on excursions. Hmmmm... then I saw these. Simple slip-ons, huh - those might work. I ask to try them on in my size. Insert angel choir here. O.M.G. Like walking on a cloud. Gravity lost it's hold on me. Sooooo soft and cushy! Oh yeah, these were going home with me for sure.

Back home, I (of course) ripped 'em out of their box and have been wearing them ever since. I tell the hubby I'm breaking them in (haha) but they don't need it! If you get the chance to try these bad-baby's on - do it! You'll see what I mean. They were so awesome that I broke my shoe rule! No new shoes unless they're on sale - preferably on clearance. So what are they?
The Sketchers GoWalk Shoe

Doesn't look like anything special, does it? But let me tell you... put that shoe on and you will NEVER be the same! LOL! I'm serious!

Then - the sales gal tells me they have the same type of thing in fitness! What??? Are you kidding me??? I need new kicks - pretty bad. Competition prep was super hard on my Nike's, and it's past time to replace them (last replacement was in July). I just replaced the inserts last month hoping to eek out a few more months on the shoes. I'm thinking that for the first time in years, I may walk into the gym in something other than a Nike... The Sketchers GoRun's just might have to be tried out ;-) And... they come in all those fun colors! Woot!
Come to Mama! ;-)
I also picked up a pair of wedge sandals for my vacation dresses - though I'm a wee bit nervous about them... Me = klutz.
Me + heels + boat = potential disaster.
But aren't they pretty???

What's your favorite shoe? For lounging, for walking, for dressing up, for working out? Tips people!!! Give me tips! ;-)

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  1. I've been buying awesome shoes from a company named JamBu. I wear them to walk the dog, play golf, etc. Can often get them on sale at Zappos. Like clouds for your feet - and they come in some very fun colors!