Friday, March 30, 2012

Quicksand Mattress Strikes Again!!

Remember that dog that was so smug as she watched me struggle out of the bed? Remember the dog that made not a single indent in the quicksand mattress? Remember the dog who takes up WAY more of my bed than I do? Karma got her, folks.
This is Nakki laughing at me and my mattress struggles.
I'm sitting on the bed (sinking) working on my laptop this morning, along comes Nakki. She manages to climb up (her hips are bad), takes over the majority of the bed, huffs, and falls asleep. Not too much later, Winnie comes bouncing into the room. Nakki pops up and attempts to run after him to play - and she gets stuck! I'm talking legs in the air, rolling back and forth trying to work her way out of the pit she'd sunk into! Ha! KARMA! Who's laughin' now, Bitch! (I can say that, cuz hey - female dog! LOL!)

And before you think I'm a cruel dog owner, I assure you I'm not - I didn't go for the camera, I moved quickly to help her out and off the bed - but I did laugh. A lot. When she returned to the bed, she pouted.


  1. Hey Chelle. I feel for you with the mattress. We finally broke down and bought a new set and got a great deal at Sam's. Serta queen pillowtop for $399. Getting home was a challenge but we love it!!!