Monday, March 19, 2012

Ready for a New Week.

It's Monday. Yep. It is. It's also raining. In Scottsdale. In March. These are the mysteries of my world. LOL! Seriously, we in AZ are not used to this wet stuff in the air - a truth attested to by the idiot drivers on the roads. ;-)

We had a packed weekend. There's always so much to do, and with the calendar and the clock moving forward no matter what our objections, we find ourselves constantly scrambling to not fall behind. Now, ya'll know me - know that I'm pretty anal about organizing my time and getting my lists crossed off - you can imagine how crazy in the head I get everytime an appointment changes or something new gets dropped in my lap. LOL. Yeah, I've been a bit deranged lately. ;-) Ok, maybe a tad bit more than a bit. Hahaha.

Yesterday was modified food prep - We had an unexpected event in our schedule, so I pulled a few shortcuts for this week - namely, rotisserie chickens. While I don't like to use these regularly (higher sodium), I simply didn't have time to do my usual prep, so these saved my sanity. I've gotten several emails, and some of you have noticed that my cooler's look a bit ... umm... leaner than usual ;-) This is true - they are. Because my activity is so limited, my calorie needs are lower, plus, hello-cruise ahead! You're seeing much less dairy, less fruit and fewer starchy carbs in my daily food than usual. It's temporary - After vacation, I'll go back to a more balanced diet. I'm not trying to make any drastic changes or drop any weight for the cruise, I just want tighten up where I can. 

Saturday brought the dreaded bathing-suit shopping. Is there anything more demoralizing for a woman than shopping for a swimsuit? I went into it knowing that swimsuits do not define me (lol), and that it's ok, I'm ok, I am stronger than the dressing room mirrors. Yeah, that lasted through about 2 suits.

Last week, I had seen the cutest retro pin-up style suit, and so my first stop was to go back to that store and try it on - I just knew this would be my suit! Um. No. The sales gal warned me, "these run really small". Try microscopic. So I upped the size and tried again. Got it on this time, adjusted, turned to face the mirror... and discovered I had 4 boobs. It was so snug in weird places that I actually looked like I had a bust, but then it cut across my pecs and made those look as big as my falsely advertised boobs - definitely awkward. So I moved on to a cute little one piece that had the cutaway sides - so adorable in black and white polka dots... ummmm, no. I'm not even going to describe what it did to my hips. Then I found a gorgeous turquoise suit... it fit. It was pretty.  I was done. In the bag it went and I headed out for my second stop - Kohls. I believe I tried on every suit in the building. I came away with a tankini and a one-piece that I adored. Putting the ghastly experience behind me, I headed home to run my purchases by the hubby.

The tankini was a hit. The turquoise suit had to go. The one piece I adored he hated.

This is what we call adding insult to injury. I had to go BACK and swimsuit shop AGAIN. This time though, I shared the agony - I made the hubby go with me. Hehehehe. If I had to suffer, so did he. I finally ended up with suits that will work, and I'm done. You know, it's kind of a funny thing - I don't sweat (very much) about wearing a swimsuit - it's the search for one that makes me nuts. All those different cuts and styles that never seem to suit my body - and the dressing room mirrors - ugh! Really messes with my head. Because of this, there are a list of swimsuit shopping rules that I should remind all women to be aware of...


1. NEVER go swimsuit shopping alone. Yes, I had to break this rule - Tab and I cannot seem to mesh our schedules.
2. NEVER judge yourself by the size on the tag. Swimsuit sizing is designed to make you crave a straight jacket. Period. It's wonky. Just ignore it.
3. NEVER creep to the dressing room entrance and call your husband's name - there will be 4 other men in the area with the same name who all turn to stare at you in your swimsuit. Just tell your hubby where to stand then decide on a signal. Much less embarrassing ;-)

Happy Monday!!


  1. Loved your honesty! The swimsuit shop I took my daughter to had a big box of Kleenex in each dressing room--brilliant!

    1. OMG, that's hysterical! What a great idea!!! ;-)

  2. Just found your blog and read this, I'm stoked!! : D