Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Shoes... Part II

I broke down. I couldn't take it any more! Oh, the pressure! I  HAD to try them on! 

And they were a fail. Rats!!  I can see how the Sketchers GoRun's would be ideal for - haha - a runner. For me, though, I just felt like I had a golf ball under my arch. No bueno. Not willing to be a complete and utter shoe fail day, however, I proceeded to try on each and every athletic shoe Sketchers had in the store.

How'd that turn out? I went back to Sports Authority and bought my trusty Nikes. Lol! I did venture away from my same-style-I've-worn-for-4-years, and came home with these...
They got their first gym-time this morning - so far, I'm liking them a lot. They're a ton lighter than my usual ones, but I still feel like my foot is supported. All the lighter than air shoes I tried on over the weekend left me feeling like my ankles were going to roll in - not a safe sensation, lol.

For comfy shoes, it's Sketchers all the way. I would live in my GoWalk's if I could! They're awesome! And I love all my regular Sketchers walking shoes, but I guess when it comes to the gym, I'm still a Nike girl at heart ;-)  

I had another fail over the weekend... I purchased a breadmaker, and decided it was time to try it out. After all, having burned a batch of rice in the rice cooker, the breadmaker should be fairly idiot proof, yes? NO.  Not only did the bugger go bouncy on me to the point that my son did this...
Yes, that is a tow strap on my granite. They may grow up, but really they're still just little boys. When it came time to open it up and remove the bread, I had to search out my son to undo those straps because I couldn't get them undone! LOL! I guess he made sure that machine didn't go anywhere! Hahaha!

And the bread was still a fail. So I tried again last night. Fail. This could be disheartening if I allowed it. The only thing saving me from the depths of appliance cooking despair is that I can bake bread - in fact, I can bake amazing bread. Real bread. Oh, and I'm a wizard with the crockpot ;-)  Therefore, this is not a user-problem, it's an appliance problem. That's my story and I'm stickin' to it! ;-) Eventually I'll master that stupid machine - I'm too stubborn not to, lol. I'll keep at it until I come out on top.


  1. HILARIOUS!! I laughed out loud at tow strap. Dont be ashamed, I couldnt figure out my rice cooker to save my life, someone forgot to put the 'how to' book inside the box. Thankfully I found a couple vidoes on youtube.

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    1. Hi Tommy Lee... not sure what you're looking for in enlightenment. Email me directly.

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