Thursday, March 1, 2012

What a Morning!

It started off normal... the usual chaos, coffee, rushing. I dropped Bethany off at school and headed to the office. I ate my oatmeal, chatted with my boss over what needs to get done, reached for my grapefruit and my telephone rang.

Thus ends the normal.

It was our oldest daughter. She had good news and bad... good - one of the weights that's been hanging over us has been lifted - situation is now under control (or well on its way to being under control) - Yay. Bad news - she's just hit a dog.

Long story short, there were actually three running across a main street (Frank Lloyd Wright at 91st St, for you locals), she managed to avoid the pack, but hit one of them. The injured dog went into a gated community, so she pulled in and waited for a car to let her in, then followed the dog "home". She got hold of the other two, put them in her car for safety, then utilized her christmas present - the emergency kit we'd put in her car. When I got there, the poor dog was a mess but had been carefully bandaged and wrapped. I managed to lift her up - thank the gods she was friendly, loaded her into my car and away we went to the hospital.

At the hospital, we discovered the dogs were all chipped, but the contact number was out of date. The number on their collar tags was the home number - but since no one was home that didn't do us any good. She and I stayed with the dogs, the injured one was incredibly sweet and gentle - they all were very well behaved and friendly. I ended up going back to the community to knock on doors, hoping to find someone with the owner's mobile # or the HOA phone #... I have to say - there are some really paranoid folks in this world.

Two cars wouldn't stop when I tried to wave them down (remember this is INSIDE a gated community), and one woman yelled at me through her door that she was calling the police - "great", I said, "maybe THEY can help me get ahold of the owner because I HAVE HIS DOGS... AT THE ANIMAL HOSPITAL!!!"  Oy!  I finally found a few helpful residents, and we called the HOA, which was a total waste of time, as it turns out the residence is privately leased so they don't have tenant contact info. We did all we could, but in the end had to leave the dogs at the hospital. They'll keep working to reach the owner - they can't treat the dog's injuries until they have permission. They can, however, do pain management. Poor little thing. Broke our hearts to leave her there. We left all our contact info, just in case.

As we walked out, I realized I was covered in dog blood and hair. Eeeew. So the daughter headed home, while I dashed to Wal-Mart for a quick change. lol. I am now clean again, but still get the willies when I think about it. My poor daughter is still shaken, too. It's horrible for a dog-lover to hit a dog, ya know? It wasn't her fault, and couldn't have been avoided, and she did the right thing all the way around.

OMG. Just realized I'm going to have to wash out the back of my car. EEEEEWWWWWW!

Back at work, I'm scarfing lunch while I try to make up for missed time.

Wow. What a morning.

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  1. Holy moly, what a morning indeed. I'm so glad that there are people like you in the world, and I'm sorry for the walls that you encounter. We have to be the change we want to see!
    Thanks for the encouragement!