Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Why???????? WHY????????????????

Why did I only buy book one of the trilogy????
What was I thinking???

Hahaha, yes I finished book one this morning (and was 5 minutes late to work to prove it) and am chomping at the bit to get to the next book. I LOVED it! Fabulous story, excellent writing technique, and now I can't wait to see the film! I only hope they don't do to Hunger Games what they did to the Twilight saga. I adored the Twilight books, the movies however... not so much. Yes, I know, the book is always better than the movie. I'm a bibliophile - I worship books. However, there have been some stories that have translated well and I hope this will be one of them.

Come on, Amazon! Ship, ship, ship!!! ;-)

My cardio is going well (knock on wood, cross your fingers, toss salt...). The sciatica is at a low hum, the quad - though weak - is holding up, and I'm feeling productive. The shoulder... well, I'm doing my best to protect it, but the active damage worries me a bit. Ok. More than a bit. Apart from the pain, knowing what's going on in there gives me the willies - cut it out, just cut it out, I want to scream. Which they will, but not until June at the earliest. I'm left to do what I can to prevent further damage, but the inflammation is IN the bone as well as the joint. I get those funky flutters in my gut every time I think about them cutting out the ruined bone. Bleeeehhhhh! (she says with a shiver).  Then I get the heebies wondering if it's spreading, growing like an evil mad vine while I sit here and wait until after the cruise then the hellish month of May... yeah - super active imagination here. Mostly I just put it out of my mind and move on. Then those insidious little thoughts pop back up... ugh.

So. Moving on. Lol.

Today's cooler is up and you can see what I'm fueling my body with today. And just as a reminder, if you're looking for information on revamping your lifestyle - the One-Day-Food-Prep section of the site is complete - from overview to meal planning to grocery lists, food prep and packing that daily cooler - it's all there for you as a resource! ;-)

And just in case you were wondering...
31 Days To Go!!

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  1. Oh just wait! Book one was my favorite... but book two and three I think I read in less than a week! Eeeek! Can't wait for the movie too!!!