Monday, April 2, 2012

Counting Down...

Happy Birthday, Bill!!!!!
My beloved hubby is (ahem, cough-cough)-years old today! The kids will all be home tonight (except Joey) and we'll bbq up some steaks and corn on the cob ;-)  Then Thursday night, Joey'll be back and we'll all be together for our last evening home before the cruise. Bill got his present already - bugger was HARD to find! He got the new iPad - and won't let me play with it! Drat! ;-)

Today is also my little sister's birthday! ;-) Happy Birthday, Syl!!!!

It's almost here!!!!! Just 4 more days, then I am on VACATION!!!!! WOOOOOO! The luggage is all sitting in the middle of our bedroom, waiting to be filled (ok fine - one already is - I couldn't help myself!). All our documents are printed and ready to go, carry on liquids are already bagged, checked liquids are bagged, clothing is stacked... we are READY!!!

I've finished up the final info sheets for the kids and family - all our contact info, plus the list of who to call for what, and when. I've got a whole stack of pages that'll get stuck to the fridge - insurance, medical releases, calendar, itinerary, contact sheets... you name it, I've probably got it. I mean seriously - we are ready to go. ;-) he he he.

Now I just have to do laundry, and the actual packing! I am absolutely giddy! So excited for this trip!!

4 days!!!!

fyi... food for today is up on the Daily Cooler, and tomorrow we'll be posting the April cardio playlists!! Woot!!


  1. WooHoo!! So many good things!!
    =) Cant' wait to see pics from the vacay!

  2. Hey Chelle! Birthdays galore and you are ready for your trip! So excited for you!