Tuesday, April 17, 2012

I'm Back!!! Well, Sort Of...

Whew! How is it Tuesday? Yikes! We had a FABULOUS trip! Truly wonderful! I have so many great pics to share, but haven't had time yet to process them. It was so much fun! I know you have questions, so let's see if I can hit some of them ;-)

Q.  Did you come back with a tan? 
A.  NO. Hahaha. Who goes to the Caribbean and doesn't get a tan? ME. Loooong story, which I will share when I have more time. It's one of those, "are you kidding me???" deals. Lol.

Q. Did you gain weight? 
A. Yes. But not much. I came back 4 lbs heavier, and can tell you for certain it's water. Ugh. Can you say sodium? I've already dropped 2 of the 4, and am confident the rest will fall off this week as I am back to having total control over my food.

Q. Did you work out on the boat? 
A. Ummmm. Not formally, but I can assure you there was a TON of walking. We walked back and forth, back and forth the lengths of the ship - every day. Bill and I even did it on purpose several times - plus... STAIRS!! Lots and lots of stairs ;-) I took the stairs whenever possible. Tabitha, however, did hit the onboard gym, and I'm hoping she'll blog about that. Remember, I'm still grounded because of my shoulder and back. Bleh.

Q.  Were you tempted by all the food on the boat?
A.  Not so much. Seriously. Though, I get major bonus points for this one... some of you know that I have a - we'll call it a 'fondness' - for gummy bears. In the honor bar in our room, was a big bag of gummy bears. It was there the day we arrived, and it was there (untouched) the day we left. As to the rest... there really wasn't much to tempt me. I enjoy the food I normally eat, so I don't feel deprived, for one. For two... I knew going in that I would enjoy more treats than normal, so it was simply a matter of deciding what I wanted and when. I didn't hit up the coffee bars (can you say pastries?), and I didn't really go too far from my norm. Breakfasts were eggs, wheat toast or potatoes, and grilled tomatoes... and can I just say that I could have eaten those grilled tomatoes all day every day? YUM!

Don't get me wrong... I ate more than usual, for sure. And I ate things like wheat toast, rice, and a few french fries. I had an awesome jerk chicken sandwich on St. Maarten that was so good, we brought home 2 jars of the jerk sauce! LOL! And we might have brought home 4 bottles of flavored rum from St. Thomas. ;-) We had a few really fabulous meals on the boat, but for the most part, it was fairly normal for me.

I did learn that if you want your food prepared the way you want it, you can't be shy - and you can't take the nasty looks from the chef's personally ;-) If I don't want 1/4 cup of oil in my egg white omelet, I don't have to have 1/4 cup oil - ya know? They got me the first breakfast, but after that I was more aggressive :-)

I'll share more about the in's and out's of cruising and eating well in the future, but for now... here's a few pics to prove we had a GREAT time ;-)


  1. Beautiful pics! You and Bill are soo great looking together, like yin and yang. Glad you had fun, can't wait to hear more. Welcome back!

  2. Awesome pictures. So glad that you had a good time and selfishly, I'm glad that you are back!!

  3. Been reading your blog for awhile. First time commenting. I really enjoy your CLEAN EATING and healthy daily cooler posts. As a matter of fact I have done a few of the coolers. Glad you liked your cruise. Even though I live in Central Florida I have never been on a cruise. Must go someday.