Wednesday, April 25, 2012

MRI Day...

Around our house, we joke that I'm on the joint-a-year plan. First it was my knee, then my shoulder, and now my back. UGH. Last week I got another cortisone shot in my shoulder to buy me through to June when I can do surgery. Today is my MRI on my back. Should have the results back to my doc by the end of the week, then I'll see him next week to get some answers and a plan. This being grounded crap is for the birds.

Today's cooler is up and in full color ;-) Check it out here  You might have noticed that I've been on a salad kick. I seriously cannot get enough! Maybe it's because we're already in triple digits here in AZ, or maybe my body is craving some nutrient - whatever it is, I'm grazing like a rabbit. Each morning I'm loading up my cooler with my portable salad, lol. The hubby laughed at me the other day when he saw it... a big ziploc full of greens and other smaller ziplocs. Worst case scenario, I can dump the smaller ones into the big one, seal and shake and voila! Salad in a bag! LOL!  Might seem weird but it works for me ;-)

Check it out...

Place your greens (lettuce, shredded cabbage, baby spinach) in the quart size ziploc. In snack-size baggies, place your additional ingredients, then place those bags inside the qt bag with the greens.

I've got my greens, a baggie of grilled peppers, baggie of jasmine rice, baggie of chicken breast, baggie of avocado, and one with 2 Tbsp oil/vinegar.

Dump it all on a plate (or in a bowl or in a big ziploc, lol) and enjoy!

YUMMM!!! :-)

In other news - people are really dangerous. Today I saw a woman pushing a stroller through a busy parking lot - while texting. No lie. She almost pushed that stroller right into my car! I could not believe it! I'm tellin' ya... it's a crazy world out there.

Happy Wednesday, Folks!!!

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  1. Really enjoy your blog. Long time reader but first time commenting. That is a great way to tote a salad! No plastic containers to wash! Hope everything goes well with your MRI.