Thursday, May 31, 2012

Another pin in the pincushion

I must be wearing a sign.... "Poke me with needles".  Argh!!! I had my appointment this morning with my shoulder doc... And yes, you guessed it, I got another shot. This one went into my AC joint (the last one was into my bicep). And that numbing spray they use? Crap. Having a large needle poked into my shoulder then wiggled around - no bueno. NONE. I'm starting to really dread these doctor's visits.

The inflammation is still running rampant, so I'm continuing on the zero-activity list - bleh. I can do cardio, just no upper body work. I did get some relief from the bicep shot - I can now reach my left arm up my back, but still can't carry a purse on that shoulder. I tried to do a push-up last night - #@$@!! So, I got the new shot today, and I'll continue with the anti-inflammatory and the ice, and the no-use. Pfft. I go back in 3 weeks. 

At home, things are easing back into "normal". It's hard. No other way to say it. We're all grieving, but we're moving forward, one step at a time. We're keeping busy, spending a lot of time together. Last weekend we had my daughter's 20th birthday dinner - Benihana's - it was a lot of fun ;-)

This weekend has some fun ahead, too... friday night is the boy's poker event ;-) Once a month they all prove their manhood by dealing cards and bluffing each other. Lol. What that means is that I will have a lovely, quiet evening all to myself - Woot! Haha! I have a date with the new Mariah Stewart book ;-)

Now, to get to Friday night....

Happy Thursday, folks!

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