Thursday, May 3, 2012

More info, more appointments...

I had my appointment this morning to learn the results of my back MRI. Turns out I've got a protruding disc. After going through the options, we've decided on the Epidural. Monday morning I will be heading to the surgery center, they'll hook me up, sedate me, then inject the cortisone using X-ray. I should have relief within 5 days.  I found a really cool graphic online that shows some of what's goin' on...

This is going to be a packed weekend. I have a root canal (ok, 2 - blek) tomorrow, then I'm doing my Sunday food prep on Saturday, celebrating my anniversary on Sunday, then Monday is the Epidural. I'm not even going to think about what the rest of next week looks like. It's insanity. Tell me somebody out there is having a nice, leisurely Cinco de Mayo weekend... drink a margarita for me, k? ;-)

Speaking of busy... I know some of you have sent me emails in the last weeks - If I have not gotten back to you, please forgive me (and maybe resend?). My life is absolutely messy right now and I am so sorry that one of the balls I'm dropping is responding to emails. Another couple of weeks and I'll be able to share more details with you all on what's been goin' on and hopefully you'll understand my schizoid posting and such ;-) Yes, I am normally a bit of a spaz, but this has been seriously nuts. Sorry :-(

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