Wednesday, May 2, 2012

New Recipe and New Cardio for Me!! Woot!!

Last night, the hubby and I tried out a new spin class at our gym... I had high hopes for Spin - I have enjoyed it in the past, and hoped that it would be a new form of cardio for my injured self. Between the back and the shoulder, I'm unable to do my beloved stairs, the treadmill, the elliptical, the recumbent bike... OY! So you can see why spin gave me hope... Well... some of you (I'm talking to you, Jill!) might be interested in learning that the new class was led by a new instructor.... Tabitha! Woot!

Class was terrific, my back handled the saddle fairly well though I'll have to make accommodations for my shoulder - even just with my hands lightly on the bars, my shoulder screamed. Booo. But... I can do it! I may have (ok - I DID) suck wind and have rubber-legs by the end of class, but I loved it! I have cardio again, my friends!!

However.... (Don & Melanie, I'm talking to YOU) I need saddle tips! O.M.G. And I believe my dear hubby is in even more discomfort than I am. Eh-hem. ;-)  We'll be looking at gel-seats/covers this weekend, but if there are any (and I mean ANY) tips from you cycle experts out there, I am BEGGING you... send them!

We were a sweaty mess when class was done (it was awesome!), and we headed home for dinner - a new recipe. And... if I do say so myself ;-) it was a winner! Serious yummage was had! Egg & Chorizo Tacos. Even my girls who "weren't hungry" (actually, they just knew I was trying a new recipe, lol) were suddenly famished and building heaping tacos! Nom-nom-nom! Because I was post-workout, I used corn tortillas to increase the carbs, but when I revisited the recipe this morning for breakfast (yeah, it's THAT good), I used my La Tortilla Factory Low Carb tortillas (the little ones). Click on the link above to view the recipe.

Happy Wednesday!!


  1. I love spin classes. I hardly ever make it to any so any time I go I am crazy sore (as you described). There is hope, though! Years ago I took them on a regular basis and your body gets used to it. I didn't buy any special seat or padded shorts and the pain went away. It gets better! Glad you found something that works!

  2. I've been biking for years and would NEVER take a spin class w/o my padded shorts! Makes a huge difference in your comfort! for men and women. Glad you found some cardio that will work for you. I love spin!