Tuesday, May 8, 2012


Yesterday was the big day for my back. At 9:15 I checked into the Surgery Center. By 10:30 I was laying on my stomach attempting to get in the right position. A little hard to support myself, even briefly, on my elbows with a bum shoulder, lol. They finally got me in place, head to the left, and as I waited for the IV sedation to begin, I was forced to watch the nurses unwrap the HUGE epidural needles (3). I know the needle itself is only 3-5 inches, but the whole contraption put together is at least 12 inches long. Really? You couldn't turn my head the other way? This is cruel and unusual punishment, people! LOL! Sadists! As I joked with the doctor and staff, (and waited for the IV sedation), I kept giggling. Yes, I am that person. The nervous giggler. My doctor finally asked the nurse, "are you sure they didn't start her sedation in pre-op?" Ha! No they didn't, but you can start it NOW please! ;-)

They also teased me about my back ink. When you have a procedure done, the doctor initials the area to be worked on (here's the pic from my knee), but he wondered if he'd be able to see it with all the ink I already have, lol. Then they wondered what it was I had inked on my back. Oy. You see, I had a tat put on when I was heavy. At the time, it was a (very large - and not intended to be so) celtic heart with wings. As I lost half of my self, lol, the tat contorted. It now looks like a pretzel with wings. Not what I had in mind. My daughters tell me it's to remind me not to eat pretzels, hahaha. Goobs.

I had to be awake, simply for the procedure, but since I'm allergic to dye, I really had to be awake. Normally, contrast dye is injected into the lumbar area, then X-rays are used to guide the needles exactly where they need to go. It's a wee bit trickier without the dye. My luck. But, I have an amazing doctor, and he zipped right through it. No complications, I was moved to recovery then sent home where I slept away the sedation. I had some pains last night, just little stuff they told me to expect, and I get to remove the bandages tonight. Yay! I'm allergic to adhesive, too, so I'm hoping there's no major blisters under there.

Anyway. I'm back at work today, still icing off and on, but so far no pain. Yay!!! And.... I can cross my legs again! Woot!!

In other news (lol), today's cooler is up http://recipeforfitness.com/todays_cooler.html.  What's in YOUR cooler?? :-)

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  1. Good job Chelle! Imagine they labeled you a good patient with a good sense of humor. What else can you do. Glad that you are having good results!