Monday, May 14, 2012

Ready for the Week... ?

Hope everyone had a fabulous weekend! Ours was great! Super busy and full of all kinds of crazy events. Friday I took our beloved boxer into the vet - she was limping hard - turns out she had torn her knee ligament. How'd she do that? Well, as Tabitha said, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. Nakki fell up the stairs. Yes. I said UP the stairs. She's now on strict rest (any idea how hard it is to make a 70 lb boxer rest?). After her vet appointment, I took her into the store (PetSmart is attached) to get a toy (yeah, I'm a big softie). Well, first let me explain that I had dashed home from work to get her, and had to go back to work after I took her home, so I am wearing work clothes. And work shoes. Heels, to be specific.

Evidently, being injured caused my dog to feel she must compensate for said injury by barking and lunging at every other animal and human in the store. Normally this would not be a problem as she's very well behaved, and I am usually wearing tennis shoes. Not this day.  I might as well have been wearing roller skates - cuz she took me for a ride! I was literally being slip-slide-drug through the store. People actually stopped to stare - point and laugh. Yes, they did. It was that ridiculous. Thanks, Nakki.

After work the hubby and I hit the grocery for party food (great shish-kabob recipe coming tomorrow!), and then we did date-night at the movies. As we jumped in the car to head home (10:30pm - late for us old-fogies) we were met with "dunt-dunt-dunt-dunt". Yep - dead battery. Again! Remember the last time was during my show prep last July (read about my cardio at the dealership here). Once again, the kindly roadside assistance folks showed up and jumped my car (had to use some special jump-box-thingy), and home we went. Saturday morning, the hubby took it in to the dealership (after jumping it again) and they replaced the battery. Back home we had a family bbq and a lot of fun, then Sunday relaxed in the pool before heading off to the grocery store - or that's what we were going to do when we discovered the starter in my car was shot. Are you kidding me????

So this morning, Bill called the tow-truck and the dealer, I drove my daughter's car to work, my daughter rode with her friend to her appt where I drove her car to meet her and then back to work, and we're all anxiously awaiting news of my car's fate. Let me just say that this could not have happened at a WORSE time. Seriously. I'll be sharing that in the next week or so, but I'm sayin' here and now, this BLOWS. Not cool, Universe, not cool.

Movin' on... Today's Cooler is up. My prep for the week is done - I used several shortcuts due to the chaos (that, too, will be shared soon), and I'm ready for the week. Sort of. Lol. Now I'm taking a big breath and preparing to jump into the great unknown. Here we go!

Happy Monday!

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